'Parks and Rec' mashed up with real-life anti-maskers footage

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These people make the Patton Oswalt character on the show sound sane and compelling.



The mask counter-revolution was preceded by the incandescent lightbulb rebellion and the low-flow toilet insurgency.



All I can tell is that our sitcom lacks a laugh track. That’s usually a good thing…


What sort of pernicious mental derangement is necessary to conclude that all the global covid-19 deaths (~half million) are all a hoax? …that just boggles beyond all social amazement -sigh-


I have lived my life without watching Parks and Rec, but I have of course seen the memes.

A long while ago I was told ‘TV replaced education’ and I laughed it off.
I, for one, watched Sesame Street ages ago and didn’t turn into Big Bird or any of the other characters. Why are those people turning into… this?

And would anyone object appropriating the term ‘crisis actors’ to describe them?

The amount of entitlement is so … youge. It’s the biffest. Biggest. I mean biggest. It trumps all other titles. No doctor can tell them. No official. Noone with a title. Not even the president. Well, he doesn’t want to, anyway.

Ok, enough. I’ll see myself out.

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Love how the people who made this into a political issue are now complaining that it’s a political issue.


The woman ranting about tha 5Gs! and the Cameras! the Tracking Devices! while her phone sits right in front of her on the podium is just… :kissing::ok_hand: fucking priceless.


There were people who thought removing leaded gasoline was a sinister plot. In fact selling leaded gasoline was a sinister plot that increased lead levels in our cities by ridiculously huge amounts, and the evidence indicates it’s to blame for increased crime levels for 50 years.

I’m trying to imagine if this was ebola instead of coronavirus. I can’t tell if it would be better or worse; more deaths (and more horrifying deaths) might mean people were less likely to be so cavalier about safety. It could also mean gun-fights at Wa-Mart over the last dust mask.

I have a friend, who I haven’t seen since the lockdown in March, who whole-heartedly gloms onto lots of crackpot ideas he sees on youtube. I’m really curious how far down the rabbit hole he is now, but I’m not about to reach out to him.


These people in the video are so stupid it hurts. So sad it hurts us, and not them, because if it hurt them they’d probably stop being so stupid.

It is sad that in the 21st century it’s possible to grow up in a so-called civilised country and have that kind of deranged ideas. A modern society should guarantee that everyone has a modicum of understanding about how the world around them works, some practice in uncritical thinking, and at least a vague idea how to enter a dialogue with other human beings without pissing everyone off from the start.


Oh how I wish Green Shirt Guy was sitting behind her, busting a gut laughing.

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I was actually thinking of putting him in there, too, but she’s just so perfectly absurd on her own. Someone needs to put that guy on a bus to tour situations like this.


But it is performed in front of a live audience!

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I don’t think intelligence or understanding, as such, is involved. While none of these people are geniuses. None of them are “stupid” or mentally infirm. They all seem like otherwise functional members of society. This seems to do with tribalism and mob psychology. Their tribal leader has identified a new threat: facemasks. And we see the results of their brain struggling to cobble together a worldview that supports the derogation of facemasks.

I can’t? All these people almost certainly graduated high school. Some or most probably graduated graduated college. It’s not that these people lack or weren’t taught the basic knowledge, it’s that they don’t care about it or value it or pay attention when it was taught. These people need political education, which is not something the US supplies.

Before this issue, there are perhaps hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people who believe in QAnon/Pizzagate and before that believed in Obama/FEMA deathcamps and before that believed in black helicopters. And, sure, more education is unquestionably always beneficial (uh, unless it’s Liberty University-style indoctrination). But my 10 year-old nephew knows these conspiracies are bullshit and he hasnt finished 6th grade yet.

Talking shit about 5g or covid-19 being a hoax demonstrates a clear lack of understanding of technology, medicine and society. You can’t explain that with tribalism, because that kind of tribalism requires that lack of basic knowledge about science and culture.

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