Parliament ponders letting US immigration strip-search Canadians in Canadian airports, force them to explain immigration withdrawals


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Strip searching foreign nationals on foreign soil, and requiring them to incriminate themselves? Seems legit, and I can’t imagine how that could possibly go wrong.


Dear Canada,

I’m sorry we elected Kyle’s mom as president. Terrance and Phillip aren’t that bad of an influence on our children.


We live in a democracy…?


Sunny ways…


Through the years, my experiences with naked Canadians have been very positive. However, any rule like this should be on a tit-for-tat basis (Ba-dump-tish)… Is the US offering anything?


Never seen a naked Canadian. But I am willing to exchange that challenge with seeing a naked Oregonian. (I guarantee both parties will regret the exchange :D)


I’d advise against it. Apparently naked Canadians cause earthquakes.


“The bill would enshrine in law a reciprocal agreement for customs and immigration pre-clearance signed by the governments of Stephen Harper and Barack Obama in 2015. Both houses of Congress passed the U.S. version of the bill in December.”

Third paragraph of the CBC source article. Doesn’t that means that the US Congress has already passed the law allowing Canadian agents to strip-search Americans on American soil?


Not necessarily. Our UK<-> US extradition treaty wasn’t entirely balanced, until too many UK citizens noticed, and it became embarrassing to the two governments.


That would be pointless, since there are no Canadian border agents pre-clearing passengers on US airports, unlike the other way around.


I suppose if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear from the policeman with the rubber gloves.


I wonder how many people, after getting probed, return with one of those super-compactable handkerchief chains that clownish magicians use.


This article provides a bit more insight/detail–incl Greene and Greenberg’s comments.


Ah, it’s a duet!

:musical_score: A little piece of Georgia
A little piece of Ukrian

A little piece of Mexico
And Canada perchance :notes:

So we can secure our borders (wink wink).


But the policeman, not being a trained clinician, may forget to use the KY jelly. Or the rubber glove. Or what part of the body to put the rubber glove on.


D’oh Canada.


Let me tell you, there are some PHENOMENAL clubs in Montreal…


I love the understated title, “raises concerns.” Rainy weather predicted for an outdoor party raises concerns. This injustice spawns epic nuclear fits, and they keep telling us Canucks we have a charter of rights and freedoms – great, let’s put that baby to good use right about now.


I personal would prefer the strip search attempt be made prior to entering that country. You know,
Agent. “We want too strip search you”.
You, “nup, fuck off”.
Agent, “you can not travel to the US”.
You, “fine not a problem, fuck off dick head”.
Once in the US of course, well, you well and truly raped then, not only strip search but full on probes. So yeah local and a choice sounds a whole lot better and a damn site more comfortable for you bodily openings.