Party Discipline, a Walkaway story (Part 4 -- the final part!)

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Amazing work, really loved this novella! Don’t want to spoiler any of it, suffice it to say that I loved getting to see the “walkaway” culture from a new perspective. The concept of people who don’t walkaway being the ones taking the biggest risks really surprised me in a wonderful way. Love the way such a fast-moving story still made the time to give the inter-personal relationships and “mundane” day-to-day activities such depth. Just really beautiful storytelling.

Inspiring, but I wish more people were actually inspired. Netflix actually has a movie category now called “Fight the System”; it’s a genre. I tried googling, and the IMDB also has such a category, almost entirely filled with SF/Fantasy about dystopias: Hunger Games, Matrix. I got down to #39 before I hit Malcolm X, about the real world.

Meanwhile, Stacey Abrams is hoping to make it to $5M to fight voter suppression, the most basic fight-the-system story. People are spending way more on “fight-the-system” movie tickets about fantasies than upon actually fighting the system.

I figured that the “Walkaway” story, two generations later, would be trending into feudalism (they’re basically living off the land, like feudal farmers, so bad people will inevitably work to control that land, and after enough years, there’d be no place to walkaway to that didn’t have its own Neegan). The walkaway culture would, before that, HAVE to “re-take” the mainline society back over, so that there could be cops to stop Neegans, before you couldn’t walk away from them any more.

But it was nonetheless hugely inspiring for an engineer who has always been frustrated with attempts to control resources rather than put that effort into creating more resources. The former mentality always leads to conflict stories, which are catnip for most writers (and journalists!); the latter leads to people having a good time in hot tubs, which is less fun for the writer, but how you actually want your own story to turn out.

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