Passengers quickly evacuated a United plane in Denver when it caught on fire (video)

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Wow! 2 minutes is really impressive, and a good reminder that the primary role of flight attendants is not to serve us refreshments! Well done, crew!


If not for the emergency situation, I would imagine finally getting to use the slide a kind of fun moment in the trip…


30 seconds over the FAA standard.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require that aircraft manufacturers demonstrate that all passengers and crew can evacuate an aircraft within 90 seconds by conducting live demonstrations of simulated evacuations or through a combination of analyses and testing.


Possibly because despite admonitions, some people were leaving with their bags, and fiddling with their phones to take video. I’d be really tempted to punch them in the head, except that would slow things down even further.


“leave your bags”
But at 0.16 second, we can see the passenger who is filming with his bag…

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There were people leaving the Asiana Flight 214 crash at SFO with their bags. Bastards.


(And @Elmer)
Possibly they aim for 90 seconds in ‘ideal’ practice circumstances knowing that if this can be attained in such an environment, in real life it can be done in 2-2.5 mins.

(Pure speculation on my part.)


Ideal scenario, with fit people, who are dressed in athletic clothing, have been thoroughly briefed on the test, and are anticipating the command to evacuate, and are incentivized to do well in the test. All this is true.

Not exactly a planeload of kids and retirees heading to Orlando for a Disneyworld trip.

Oooh, a video!


While watching that video I was hoping everyone would get seated and strapped in, and then due to a paperwork issues the plane would take off for some distant city.

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We can’t even have a “leave your bags” mandate. #LivingWithInferno

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There’s a great 99 Percent Invisible episode regarding this.
The biggest predictor of who survives, or not, is speed of evacuation.

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