Patent granted for a bra that falls off when you clap your hands


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#priorities amirite?


Sexism Notification ACTIVATE!


Round of applause for the inventor.



I didn’t read it, but could that be useful for people with less mobility who wear bras?


Benny Hill could have done something with this…


Does it come with a matching chastity belt?

edited to add - said with full sarcasm, and intended to recognize of the misogyny of whole concept.


Usually people prefer partners who don’t give them the clap.



Ooh, SNAP! :clap:


Not if they want to go out in public where random clapping noises may occur. Also it doesn’t say anything about putting it on, which is harder than talking it off.

Edit: Yes I meant taking not talking. But it’s funny so I’m leaving it.


not sure if typo.


Come on, clapping is so old school. The internet of delicate things is the way to go. Combine it with a Philips Hue light bulb, and when the lights go down the clothes come off, automatically!


Maybe voice activation would be safer. Siri and Alexa could do a striptease routine together.


(long heavy sigh of disappointment)


I never had that much trouble with it.


See the X-rated section of the Google App Store.


It’s your unusually long, nimble fingers.


Was only a matter of time…


Seems like one of the display items from Are You Being Served, a bit lacking without Mrs. Slocombe’s reaction though.


“Please insert girder”?