Paternity test proves "Sweet" Stan Lane is not Lauren Boebert's father

Yeah. The press wouldn’t care if it wasn’t some one famous sure. But if it was any other equally famous woman it would be just as bad. And if it was a left woc who was famous… hoooooly shiiiit.

The press/media/people’s public conscience… is nasty.


For some reason – procrastination, perhaps?! – I’ve done some digging. Following are a couple of in-depth pieces on the subject. In the first one is a quote from a letter Lauren’s mother wrote to Seminole County Superior Court in 2013:

When Stan learned I was pregnant, he encouraged me to have an abortion and said that the child would be damaged because of the steroids he had taken.

Which made me wonder if he’d ever had children with either of his wives, or anyone else. Nope, apparently not. We know steroids make men infertile. Seems likely that the sex occurred – both admit to it – but not the impregnation.


From the article I posted the law at the time was…

“Carnal intercourse with unmarried person under 18 years,” established in 1983’s section 794.05, made it a second-degree felony to have sex “with any unmarried person, of previous chaste character, who at the time of such intercourse is under the age of 18 years.”

Absent his denial of the sex I wonder why the court didn’t pursue this.

Since then the law has been changed so it would have been statutory rape.


“Buboe” was right there for the taking! You were so close!

But now the moment’s passed. Sigh.


“Previous chaste character” is the sticking point. In fact, had it gone to trial, we might have a much better idea of who the biological father might be.

And remember, we don’t actually know that she was 17 rather than 18. We know she had Lauren at 18, that’s it. Lauren was born mid-December, so if her mother’s birthday was Jan-early April, then she was 18 at the time of conception.

This is not a good example of statutory rape. At best, it’s in a gray area.


Until the DNA test Boebert did have legitimate reason to believe this guy may be her father. He never denied the sex, there was a court order for child support which he made sporadically for 3 years until he finally took a court ordered test. So he still thought it was possible.

Then there was solid evidence that the same person who drew his blood falsified another person’s test at the same time for 500 bucks, it showed it was plausible that his test was falsified. The mom/Boebert did not have that information until sometime in 2012. (The court ordered the lab to find everyone and redo tests back in the 90s)

Once she had that information she tried contacting the court to get it resolved.

Now there is DNA evidence that clears him once and for all but his actions would have led anyone to believe it was possible he was the father.

My only point is, yes, Boebert is evil but if her name wasn’t attached to this story it would have been “young woman resolves paternity question after decades of trying”.

Because it’s Boebert (she brings most of it on herself) she must be up to something.

In other words, in my opinion, there is so much to dislike this woman for but this is not one of those things.


Agreed, it’s analogous to people who were adopted, it’s not unnatural to want to know your biological heritage.

did she? ( honest question, i didn’t see that in the article. )

i do wish she could know. i think people deserve that info if they want it


I guess that was the wrong way to phrase it. She still doesn’t know who her father is.

I had responded to your statement that Lane committed what would in future years be considered statutory rape. Other people responded to your discussion about the repeated push regarding paternity (which seems to me to have come more from the mom than Lauren). I had previous stated my thoughts on the mom’s actions in this. I have said nothing about Lauren’s actions, so I’m not sure why you’re instructing me about that aspect. I don’t care about her actions, and I haven’t talked about her in this thread. You’re mixing me up with other posters.

I know zip about Bobo’s mother, but I’ll bet her other male acquaintances are now wistfully looking back on the days before this latest test when they could breathe easy; who wants to be Lauren’s dad?

Why does this matter? Did her origin story help get her elected?

Maybe because she voted against the Right to Contraception Act, and the first bill she introduced was to defund Planned Parenthood? Recently, she claimed in a personal anecdote it was cheaper to raise a kid than buy contraception (it’s not true yet). :man_shrugging:

It’s quite apparent Boebert is part of the “Guns and God” crowd, and sides with the anti-abortionists, so I guess this story is particularly salacious.


Thanks @knoxblox

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