Paternity test proves "Sweet" Stan Lane is not Lauren Boebert's father

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This Maury reboot is trying too hard.


Probably the sweetest “NOT IT!” in this timeline.


Of all the families to wage a crusade against Americans who don’t subscribe to a Puritan model of human sexuality…


I wonder what logic the Boeberts used to continue bugging this guy after the first test?

Whatever it is, even Lewis Carroll wouldn’t consider it “logic”.


I’ve got to quit reading stories about Lauren Boebert, or consider the feasibility of suing her for SMDH-induced brain injury.


Oh, those wild, wild Puritans!


The logic may have been that a 33 year old man never denied having sex with a 17 or 18 year old and until the DNA test there was a whole lot of doubt about the original blood test. They never knew about the woman who was convicted of falsifying another paternity test until sometime in 2012 after that woman had passed away.

The interesting question is why didn’t he take a test as soon as he found out they were questioning the original test with good cause.

This is pretty in depth. After reading it they did appear to have a well founded belief he was the father.

If Boebert’s name were removed from this I’ll bet this story would be reported differently.


Once we both reviewed the results Lauren and I agreed that this matter is settled, and I accepted Lauren’s apology on behalf of herself and her mother.

I’m simply surprised that Lauren actually apologized for something. :man_shrugging:


Silly Brainspore, those models are always for other people. Never for the people who support them. Its something to attack people with, not take seriously and be bound by them. /s


Having some experience in this issue, I’d say hope for money and reflected fame are the most likely causes.


that’s not what i took away from it.

much of it sounds like a qanon rabbit hole of possibilities, and - if she grew up with her mother pushing that idea of government malfeasance, doctored polaroids, and fake paperwork on such a personal issue… well, it doubtless influenced her worldview

there’s nothing wrong with wanting a dna test to confirm mind you. but spinning conspiracy theories rather than getting the papers served is not the way

it honestly wouldn’t be reported at all


And you shouldn’t in this case, either.


I feel like taking a paternity/DNA test just to confirm for myself, that I’m no related to her or any of her whackadoodle cohorts in DC.


The convicted tech who falsified the test of another individual at the same time is not a concpiracy.

A 33 year old man never denied having sex with a teenager and he actively avoided the original praternity test for 3 years until he was finally tracked down so even he wasn’t sure he wasn’t the father.

The mother may have had doubts but all the evidence Boebert had, even if it came from her mother, led her to believe he was her dad.

He could have ended this years ago if he was so sure he was not the father.

I hate defending such an evil person but she may have had good reason to persue this or at least believe it.

And couldn’t the mom be considered a victim in all of this? She was a teenager and he was a somewhat famous 33 year old? He may have not fathered her child but he may have taken advantage of a teenager.

He’s no angel in all of this.


What’s the factual evidence? She was a teenager and he was 33 years old.


it’s the way they dealt with it and the wild, unfounded ideas they promoted that i was taking about. if they’d kept it to the facts and or within the legal system, i’d have a different opinion

their person did x, therefore the system is rigged mentality is exactly the way qanon operates

hard to say. it’s 100% plausible to me that he was sleeping with teenage fans. did he have sex with this one particular person? no idea and he might not know either.

she obviously also wasn’t keeping close track of her partners if he was the only man she sought paternity for, because obviously he wasn’t the father


She was 18 when she had Lauren. Even if she were 17 when having sex with the 33yo, that’s skeevy, sure, but it’s not illegal. You’re making it sound like she was 14 or 15.

No way to know who was more interested in the hookup, but they would have both had their reasons, even if we might have chosen differently.


All right but my warped mind is like: damn I wonder who else she had sex with that month but is too ashamed to remember. Whoever it was, the resulting child sucks.


Awww, it’s so cute that you think the press treats public women fairly in any circumstance.
Seriously, Boebert is a menace and I don’t care about her sire, but it doesn’t matter in terms of how the press would be reporting this.