Patrick Bateman would totally carry his laptop in this bag


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One, Patrick Bateman is not a great personal brand.

Two, it looks like a Motel 6 couch pillow.


But would Jason Bateman use it?!


Has ‘state purchased couch cuchion’ written all over it.

Sauce: Stayed at a state funded school in a dorm setting that got rennovations and ‘nice shiney new’ buildings in the mid 90’s. This ligns up with that aesthetic.


Kinda fugly, if ya ask me.


But would Jason Bourne beat someone unconscious with it?





I’ll use one of the gimme-bags from my tech conferences before I use this one.


Because of this post I remembered this music video:

Still enjoyed it.

Also this picture of Bateman with a friend:


Patrick Bateman reads boingboing in order to feel like a human being? Wow.


Patrick Bateman wouldn’t be caught dead with that bag. He’d go for this one;

Note the subtle alignment of the grain of the leather, the double gusseted stitching, the high grade polished nickel clasp…impeccable.

Leather Portfolio by Brunello Cucinelli, $3000


Very Nice. Let’s see Paul Allen’s bag.

(My reading of Bateman is that he has no taste of its own, but instead adopts the language and symbolism of critics who write for GQ, Vanity Fair. etc, etc. And this mimicry is very, very good.

But I only read the book once, a very long time ago. Most of my impressions come from the film. (But not its sequel)


I feel like Bateman wouldn’t even carry a laptop - just a smartphone, possibly a phablet.


But he’s got great business cards!

The question is, would Huey carry his laptop in one…


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