Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches accepted as payment for parking citations

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such a great idea. can this same thought process be applied to other places and things as well, please?


This is pretty cool :slight_smile:


Our library waves overdue fees around Christmas, if you bring in some canned goods. I’m sure I’ve read of similar things elsewhere.

Though there was an opinion piece some months back from a food bank director begging people to give money not canned goods. If they bet money, they can buy as needd, and get good deals. And at least some food banks are trying to provide more balanced offerings, including fresh vegetables.

The irony is that food banks wanted cans, they started it. But food banks were seen as temporary when they started years back. People might have cans to give, and cans had a long shelf life. Withiut facilities it was the best choice. Now food banks have become permant, and sometimes big, with refrigeration and kitchen space, so they want to change things.


and the krispy kreme person had food inspector issues…

great intentions though.


The GOP and Saint Reagan’s policies marked the start of emergency ‘temporary’ food banks a reality and running the middle class into the ground.





Sounds like a great idea, actually.


Yeah, I am not sure how Xeni got this:

If you have any unpaid parking fines at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus, and you have a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and jelly, you can now reduce or cover the cost of your tickets by making a PB&J sandwich.

from this:

According to the UAA Parking Service’s webpage: “Any nut butter-almond, cashew, peanut butter- or any flavor jam, jelly, marmalade, preserves, etc. will be accepted. All donations must be commercially produced (no home canning), unopened and not expired.”



Thanks. That makes a lot more sense.

As the old adage goes:
Give a person a sketchy PB&J and it’ll end up in the bin. Give a person the stuff to make PB&J and they’ll eat for a few days at least.


I somehow assumed that they had to go to a kitchen somewhere and help make the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the other people who got parking tickets.


Hmm, could be a “meet cute” in a romcom?

Parking-ticket scofflaws meet while serving their sentences preparing food for the hungry. They initially argue over the correct way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Hijinks ensue. They finally resolve their differences, fall in love, and get sexy with a jar of peanut butter in the back seat of a parked car…but not before the entire food-preparation area is turned upside-down in a slip-sliding mess of peanut butter and jelly involving all characters and a passing brass band. Rated…?

Needs a scene where they accidentally put “Kentucky Jelly” on a sandwich.

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I don’t understand- why doesn’t the city just give the money from the parking citations to the food bank? Every piece I’ve seen/read says food banks want money so they can get the things they need (usually produce). Why introduce this extra inefficiency?

Money would be better,but in this case the offenders participate in a more direct involvement. They might learn something, they might change.

A day shelter had to.move last year, the church sold. So some groups arranged funding and found an empty space in the vicinity. They wanted volunteers to help renovate tye space. And they promoted tge volunteers. It becomes “their” space in a way that sending money doesn’t. Though yes it’s deeper than letting “scofflaws” pay their fine with food.


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