Pedantic protest posts!


Post your pedantic rants here without judgment.


You can’t correct somebody without first having judged they are wrong.


When I was living in Indiana we had no DST. DST makes no sense and we only use it because most people use it. If we got rid of it, it would be a moot point what we called it.


I hope the livestock isnt confused.




What are your data?


I’m good with getting rid of it. I have enough trouble sleeping as is.


Weren’t. If it weren’t for Canada.

‘If t’weren’t for Canada’ is also acceptable.


Clicked on the NY Daily News story, so I should have expected this: A banner titled ‘Human Ken Doll Can’t Breath Properly Due To Plastic Surgery’. (Isn’t that the case for actual Ken dolls?)

Ok. That’s my rant re NYDN… and the banner.




"Therefore to send me after the Firedrake were* both dangerous and unnecessary. Dangerous, because, if he treats me as you say he did my brothers—my unhappy brothers,—the throne of Pantouflia will want an heir. But, if I do come back alive—why, I cannot be more the true heir than I am at present; now can I? Ask the Lord Chief Justice, if you don’t believe me.”
*Subjunctive mood! He was a great grammarian!

–from Prince Prigio by Andrew Lang

No protest, merely a humble thank you for that stroll down memory lane.


You’re a regular so you are empowered to fix it. :wink:


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