Pence Gun Ban continued


The thread closed as I was writing my reply, so I’ll put it here.

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This is not about defense or political passion. You keep insisting that NRA membership do not agree with the statements of the spokespeople and the content of their media outlets.

@L0ki said that it was reasonable for everyone else to believe that members would agree with them, and I agreed with that in my reply to him, and said:

I think NRA is indefensible, but I am not defending them, nor am I member.

It is patently silly to suggest that paying, donating members do not agree with the stated and implied messages that the NRA sends all day every day, and specifically in response to mass killings.


I really just can not figure out where people are getting the idea that the NRA is an extremist organization that is actively opposed to things even the majority of gun owners support. :roll_eyes:


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