Penis whitening laser fad arouses great interest in Thailand


“There have been no complaints or reports of problems so far. All clients seemed “happy”, Popol said.”

“We have to be careful because it’s a sensitive part of the body,”

Mmmmm let me think about that … nope


Yeah, I can’t quite see the attraction of getting shot in the dick with a laser. :grimacing:


“No Mr Bond, I expect you to dye.”


Congratulations on your white penis!


I’m trying to stay objective as far as Gordon Gould and the possibility that he primarily had dick lasering in mind.



The Pen is Whitier


People bleach their skin in the name of vanity in Asia.

People tan their skin in the name of vanity in North America.

It’s all very weird.


Doesn’t! Hurt! At!! All!!

So! Happy!


It’s all very consistent if you just remember that beautiful is what the poors aren’t(except for the occasional counterexamples blatant enough to have their value as trophies outweigh the pain of cognitive dissonance. Those can be exoticised and collected.)


It is only fitting that you are reminding me of Dværgen aka The Sinful Dwarf when I was about to shower anyway. Because a need to shower was how I felt after seeing the movie.


Was wondering if this would make its way here. Can’t decide whether I am disappointed or not.


Enjoy your shower!



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