Pentagon releases UFO footage

Very nice analysis

When watching the ‘gimbal’ movie I had always assumed they were detecting rotation with some other instrument because the image was looked exactly like a lens flare. But I now understand people were actually talking about the ‘ufo’ rotating based on that image. oh well. people see what they want to see…


I gotta admit that Blink-182 played at a conference I went to a few years ago and as much as I love live music I just didn’t get around to seeing them perform. VMworld in 2017, I think it was.

(Although I also have to admit I’m not sure why you’re searching for greenday in the image. I would probably have gone to see them if they’d played at the same conference.)

So, “UFO” no longer means objects that are flying and unidentified? It just means “aliens” now? Cool.


So, The pilots and the rest of the Pentagon can’t figure out this fairly obvious analysis? They must know, so why did they put it out as a mystery?

I would guess that anyone who works with this kind of camera system recognized right away what was camera movement, flare, and other noise, but it still gets put out as an official UFO?

What a load of shite these videos are.

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That ship sailed in the 70s, more’s the pity.


Or, listen to an interview with the Commander of the aircraft that tracked it

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Fruedian slip perhaps, but their own graph tells the same story.

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Gimbal: Rotation of blob is caused by rotation in the camera gimbal.
Go Fast: Object wasn’t moving much, was about halfway between plane and sea, consistent with weather balloon.
Nimitz: Looks like an airplane.

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Thanks. I think?

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This all started this whole thing when we got all ʻOumuamua-upped.

you are assuming, and this seems to be the key in a lot of conspiracy, that the people behind the scenes are smarter than us, or incapable of incompetence… I think people in government are VERY capable of incompetence. Very capable of overlooking things like weird camera movements causing strange artifacting. It seems simple when the guy in the video explained it, but no one else explained it before him, so maybe he just happens to be more expert and observant that most people. Reminds me of how, in the old sherlock Holmes books, watson cant figure out something, but when sherlock explains how he solved a problem and what he observed, watson is forced to admit, “well, it all seems obvious now that you explain it”. ha.

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The story goes that Blink-182 are called Blink-182 because the name Blink was already taken by an Irish band.

This is that band. They were sort of fun alternative pop/grebo. Check them out…

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He [Pope] and a defence intelligence colleague looked to escape the pop culture baggage of the term ‘UFO’ by introducing the term ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ (UAP).
UAP did not stick, and Mr Pope finds himself once again talking about UFOs, and most importantly now, his shock at the way the US Department of Defense has now officially released video that had previously only been leaked.

Interesting take on the Pentagon release.

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