UFO Shocker: $37 million in debt for Blink 182 ex-singer Tom DeLonge's 'aliens' project


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The obvious error in running a celebrity-endorsed alien-centric scam is that they didn’t make a religion out of it.


Vote Tom DeLonge in 2020! Business acumen like this clearly marks him out as a suitable successor to Trump.


One too many hits off the alien bong.


On the plus side, the project is losing private money, rather than public funds, now that Harry Reid isn’t around to protect his pet project on the public teat for his crackpot friend Luis Elizondo.

(“quit” two seconds before he got the boot like the goat guys.)


Governments can’t even cover up genocide, although they try their hardest to do so.

There is no way aliens visit us and word doesn’t get out. Once you tell one human your secrets, we eventually all find out.

Plus physics makes it extremely unlikely that it’s practical to fly around to distance stars. If there is intelligent life capable of space travel, they have to be really close to us in order to visit.


Dumb people are dumb - news at 11. Having a boatload of money doesn’t confer wisdom, whoa.


Who would have thought UFO hunting wasn’t a viable business model??? No one could have foreseen this.


Something tells me that the UFOlogists have been paying themselves munificent salaries without bothering to ensure that they had enough donations coming in to cover those salaries.

The world does not contain a violin small enough to express how I feel about that.


Just the latest in a long-standing tradition of celebrities spending massive amounts of money badly.


The money and fame train will never end, until it ends.


Ah yes, the Scientology connection. It wouldn’t be a proper money-making fringe scam without that!

Dr. Hal Puthoff
Vice President Science & Technology



I’m just trying to figure out what the overhead in this business is. Is it all the Time Life books he buys about UFOs? Is it test equipment? Is he booking plane rides to try to SEE the aliens?

I’m just a regular guy who has never made contact with aliens, so I’m sure I’m in the dark on the inner-workings of an alien-truth-sharing organization, but that seems like a lot.


Look, the only problem is that they haven’t produced an alien yet. As soon as they do, you’re going to see a completely different financial outlook here.

Once they lock down a single instance of an extraterrestrial life-form, the early investors are going to look like geniuses. I don’t know why people are being so short-sighted about this.



When are they having the fire?


The company’s CFO isn’t listed on their site’s team page. Heh. Type of business: Holding company. Really…



My first introduction to the phrase was an Elmore Leonard novel - can’t remember which.


I’m (well, you know both what I’m doing and when I’m doing it)!


This is my question… How did they spend this much money? Is this just fraud? Giving themselves giant salaries?