People share the worst things they've ever done


That was YOU?


actually…it was him:


Are we talking the things that we’ve done that we regret the most, the things we’ve done that were most harmful, or the least ethically defensible things we’ve done?

Those can be very different things…

EDIT :arrow_heading_down:

Note to self: watch video before commenting in the future and you’ll look much smarter.


At work so i didn’t watch the video, just went straight to confessing.


Pure evil :slight_smile:
This should occur in some Chuck Palahniuk’s novel.



It’s a quote from a scene in the Goonies movie, hence my gif of said scene.


Wow, that was way worse than squirting dollops of Jergens lotion over the balcony rail and onto the frat pledges and their girlfriends watching Deep Throat below. All that did was cause a dangerous stampede.

Um, not that anything like that ever happened. Ever.


I feel like striking them!


Anything on “I voted for Trump”?


someone has a guilty conscience :wink:


Some of the petty things on here I am guilty of, and do feel guilty about them, but perhaps the worst thing I can think of is a piece of minor vandalism I did when I was a teen that was done for no reason other than boredom, and which caused someone I knew an awful lot of grief.


Of course lol, i’m not a sociopath :stuck_out_tongue:




I once shot a man, just for snoring.


You monster


Was wondering about that. Could be interpreted multiple ways. Some of them, eww!


Worst thing I’ve ever done?

I'll never tell