People stuck at Japan's Narita airport are sleeping in $70/night cardboard boxes

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At first I thought $70/night seemed kinda pricey, but then I thought about cleaning and disinfecting futons and that price is probably close to break even.



I would guess that each guest gets a new box. The price probably just covers the cost of purchasing the fancy cardboard for each person and recycling the used boxes.


Box, recycling, disposal of futon, blanket and pillow, plus snacks and drinks for 48 hours. If they include WiFi I’m in.


In that case, the boxes are smaller.

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Are these the cardboard box beds that would have been used for the Olympics?


Pricy, but seems reasonable all things considered. Better than trying to sleep on random chairs or the floor which is what would happen in the US.


As much as I’d like to return to Japan, I think I’ll skip it for the time being. Getting through Narita was slow and crowded enough the last time I was there.

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If each guest gets a new box, can you take the futon after the checkout?

Get some ear-plugs and an eye shield, and yeah…this beats a lot of camping trips I’ve been on.


That’s what I was wondering. They look a little less sturdy, and the Olympic village ones didn’t have the partitions.
Just confirmed they aren’t the same. From a Forbe’s article:
The cardboard beds are smaller than the ones planned for the athlete village at the Tokyo Olympics, which will now be held in 2021.

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That’s why when I’m stuck at the airport overnight, I take an Uber to the local walmart parking lot and pay a nominal fee to stay in a zombie RV. Still way under $70/night. Capitalism, baby!

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