Peppy firetruck gets carried away and tips over at school demo

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What a rookie. That would never happen to Roy…


I think you could say that firetruck just got more human with that gymnastics routine.


If only the phone recording the video had also been tipped on its side.


who would ever expect anything to go wrong in front of a crowd of kids when you

  1. light a car on fire intentionally
  2. speed around the parking lot in a large vehicle.

I’m just glad nobody (the kids, stupid firefighters should have known better) was hurt.


So did the car just burn itself out or did they call a neighboring fire company to put it out?


“Hey, neighboring fire company, we need two favors. One of them is to never mention this again.”


Did anyone else hear the other sirens like this?


That’s what you get when you have Travis Pastrana drive.

The truck might just have landed back on its wheels if the driver hadn’t overcorrected… but I don’t think they train for that, and even then this sort of thing better happens to you on a good day.
Physics is a harsh mistress.
Anyway, the kids learned something about fire and driving trucks, it seems like everybody walked away from this without critical injuries, so yeah.


Wanted to be like…

Instead was like…

The nearer your destination
The more you’re slip sliding away.


There goes next year’s municipal budget…up in smoke.

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Perfect video for the one-day anniversary of Trump’s impeachment:


Yes, we will hopefully have an anniversary of Trump’s impeachment one day – the day, that is, that comes one year after Trump’s impeachment.


This is what happens when firetruck is driven in an overly enthusiastic way. Near my town a firetruck was going way too fast through an intersection, with disastrous results:

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sounds like the arnold in the back there taking the bends in…

I wonder if it has a large tank of water inside, and if the state of that tank (partly full) contributed to a bad case of slosh.


That one actually looks pretty good. The small car failed to give way. Fire truck had right of way. It corrected, and over corrected but it appeared to stay mostly upright.

I once saw a police car in Melbourne lose the rear end in a right turn with a lot of power on. It did a sliding 200 degree turn and finished up going backwards over a median strip. But he drove off and nobody got hurt.


While you are right that the fire truck had right of way (it can run a red light when the siren is on), the traffic lights indicated otherwise (small car had a green light). The driver probably didn’t hear the siren. Also, while the truck stayed upright, front half of it ended in someone’s house. Luckily no one got seriously hurt, as far as I know. The house is repaired now :slight_smile:
In Poland privileged vehicles typically slow down when running a red light at an intersection exactly because of accidents like that.

I actually didn’t realize it was signalized. It looked like the small car had a stop or give way sign to me. Thanks for the correction.

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