Performance artist with Pfizer tattoo on head ate a live bat outside of European Parliament as an act of protest

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They should just give it to the global south… Just… give it to them. It’s not rocket science. If the whole world doesn’t get the vaccine, then we’ll continue to be fucked. We have to start taking globalization seriously and deal with the consequences of it logically and with compassion. If we don’t, we’re going to continue on with the destruction of our planet.


Why does he hate bats?! WTF.



Vladislav Surkov does like performance art.

That’s the approach Russia and China seem to be taking with their vaccines. It’s not entirely altruistic, but if the jabs work then more power to them. As you imply, viruses don’t respect borders, and neither will a rise in global temperature. If humanity is going to embrace globalisation the benefits shouldn’t just accrue to a relative handful of plutocrats and corporate entities.


No, of course, not, but it’s not just about hoodwinking the global south either. It makes practical business sense, for one, while also showing that their form of power is softer and more humane than the west (there are plenty of critiques of that of course).

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Seriously, what does any of this have to do with bats?!


There is still debate, but it’s widely believed that the disease was a zoonotic that came from bats. Whether that’s the case, IDK, but that’s the going wisdom.

Still not fair to the bat, tho.


Less militaristic beyond their immediate frontiers, at least. Especially for China. Giving away their vaccine to the developing world is right in line with the Belt-and-Road infrastructure scheme. There’s a price to be paid by the recipients eventually, of course, but it’s not like China’s foreign policy is lumbering along on the basis of a grotesquely bloated military-industrial complex as a hard-power cudgel like some superpowers I could mention.

And yes, to be clear though most of us know it already, that doesn’t make China anything close to a paragon of virtue. It’s just a lot smarter about how it’s decided to project its global power.

It really was a dick move on the part of this “artist”.


when we were in botswana for a daytrip in 2019 there were easily a dozen projects going on both in urban and rural areas that were being funded anywhere from 25% to 100% by the chinese government. we saw numerous chinese advisors around as well.


Yep; hearts and minds and practical infrastructure…China will be a dick-swinging world power in our lifetime.


All this reminds me of is Edison trying to prove AC power was “dangerous” by electrocuting an elephant. People will just remember this guy as the asshole who ate the poor, defenseless bat.


Ever tried to eat a live elephant?


most bats fly around eating bugs all day of course

nobody’s interviewing the bugs to see how they feel about it

I refuse to listen to the message from someone who cruelly kills an animal to get attention. I don’t care if he is right about his “message”, any more than I care if people who kill humans to get attention are right about their message.

I am sure it is psychologically comforting for people who enjoy doing horrible things to believe they do it for the greater good. I am sure they go looking for good, comforting excuses to do the things they do. He probably feels much better about the awfulness he’s drawn to when he covers it in a banner of social justice.

It doesn’t change what he is, though. Sexual play with roadkill and torturing small animals aren’t warning signs of being an “artist”.


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