TV writers and actors made a wonderfully awful Batman short film for charity

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You misspelled “awesome”


If Covid-19 came from bats, then it could be said to be a BatVirus.

This could be the start of an exciting movie universe, starring all your favorite pathogens as superheros, villians, and of course, transforming robots for the toy tie-ins.

Up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, It’s Bird Flu! On an eternal quest to destroy the antibacterial soap that is generating super-resistant strains of bacteria, Bird Flu, and his side-kick Seasonal Allergies, will stop at nothing save Consumer Confidence, who has been tied to the train tracks by Fiscal Uncertainty.


“you cant punch a virus… i Tried … it was ridiculous”

made me laugh

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The nod to the Batusi was very heartwarming, and secured my dollar.

Bat Guy: “… I gotta say, it’s been a real bitch. Pardon my French.”

French Guy: “Bitch is not a French word.”

I have not got to watch this yet (will this evening), but it reminds me of this…

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