Performance on the soccer field linked to facial structure


The general premise has been out for a little while now: Facial Structure Is a Reliable Cue of Aggressive Behavior

I haven’t read this paper but the last I had read on this topic hypothesized that during puberty, the hormones that would make someone aggressive would also grow their face. Something like that is mentioned in the BB link.

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“I’ve been right all along, just a little too high!”

  • Phrenologists everywhere.

Vinnie Jones would like a word.


Is this the explanation for Wayne Rooney’s head?

Does it also predict one’s propensity for throwing one’s self to the ground and rolling around clutching one’s face for no reason?
Or the innate ability to cheat at any opportunity whilst still maintaining both pride an an extraordinarily overblown ego about said cheating?
How about the ability to be effectively immune from prosecution for heinous and violent crimes perpetrated against women?

I’ve hated football (soccer) and the people who play it with a passionate intensity since I was first able to think for myself. The sheer, overwhelming popularity of the sport and it’s players was probably one of the first indications of the malignity of group think I encountered in my life.


Fixed that for ya’.


There are many sports which promote self awareness and a sense of self proportionate to one’s abilities and, more importantly, one’s character.

These are usually combat sports, I’ll admit; where one’s ability to cheat and bluster is effectively erased and the ensuing truth about one’s self must either be accepted or the sport given up.

Richard Prokas would like more than a word

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No, in England, at least, you have to like (or learn to feign an interest in) football while you’re at school. Liking other sports won’t stop you from being picked on.

When you grow up, you’re allowed to be civilized and like cricket.

I was referring to the fans. People have some pretty unhealthy obsessions with watching random groups of men run up and down a field.


Groing up in Carlisle was dull enough that football was a break from the day to day monotony.

The alternatives probably involved sheep.

And obligatory:


Yes, and as I alluded to, the conduct of the people who play the sport and even the structure of the sport itself (especially how it is adjudicated) tends to strongly inform the mental state of the supporters.

Dear God! The self entitlement. It burns!

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It certainly is.

Just waiting for the train out of Carlisle is dull enough…

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According to a study of the 2010 world cup, studies with a small sample size are prone to large margins of error as demonstrated through their conclusions contradicting that of precious studies.

@miasm yeah popular stuff sucks!!!1!!! I’ve got it in my diary to get off this internet thing now that it’s gone mainstream. Also: you endorse fighting sports above others? Wow.

Fiercely aggressive high-ratio face:

Case closed!


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