Peter Thiel's lawyer threatens Gawker for talking about Donald Trump's "hair"


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That’s not “hair”, it’s a “satellite dish”.


There has been much speculation regarding Trump’s hair. Personally, I think he is cultivating on his head what grows wild on his arse.


best use of hair quotes evar.


I see what you did thair


Oh no, I can’t toupe those horrible puns…

(avoiding the more obvious hell toupe pun)


It’s unbe-weaveable.


Dammit, Thiel. You’ve already beaten Gawker, do you need to carpet-bomb them, too?


More interesting that this legal threat is the accompanying analysis of all the other lawsuits that Harder is pursuing against Gawker, funded by an anonymous party that may or may not be Thiel, though apparently Harder himself doesn’t know who he’s working for.

We must get to the roots of this matter!


He’s real mad about being outed.


He wants Denton to curl up and dye.


It’s shear cruelty.



On last week’s (BBC 4) Friday Night News Quiz, Jeremy Hardy had a great line:
“I don’t think it is a wig. I think it’s an elaborate combover… that starts at the anus.”


I see what you did there.

What I don’t see is how Thiel could possibly have standing to sue? Does he have a personal stake in the orange pompadour?


Thiel doesn’t have standing. However, he is funding a law firm that specializes in lawsuits against Gawker. If you have a grudge against Gawker, you can contact that firm and they’ll file the lawsuit for you.

Apparently, Edward Ivari “hired” that firm to sue Gawker for the hair story.


Real, REAL mad.




Whatever else, this is the dumbest scary appositive in the history of the English language:

“Last week, Thiel’s lawyer-for-hire, Charles J. Harder,”

I mean FFS, of course he is a lawyer-for-hire. That’s what lawyers do. They get hired to do stuff.