Petiton to recognize the KKK as a terrorist org with DHS priority


Recognize the Klu Klux Klan as a domestic terrorist organization & make their eradication a Homeland Security priority. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government

Interesting petition – only needs around 450 more signatures…


I signed it.

I don’t agree that “hate speech” isn’t protected (in the colloquial sense it’s too broad and is often code for “controversial speech”), but the KKK is definitely a collection of terrorist groups, and needs to be at least officially stated as such by the administration explicitly, and their silence on the matter is one more reason to be disappointed with Obama.


Three hours later, another 800 signatures :grinning:


The white substance in this picture represents the KKK.

I think the racist stuff on Reddit reaches a far larger audience and is more dangerous, personally.


Symbolic value means nothing?


When was the last time the KKK took credit for anything? They seem to be doing a perfectly fine job of destroying and discrediting themselves without any help from us.

All the racist subreddits, on the other hand…


Who’s to say that’s not where the klan Goes these days?


meanwhile the dhs has been busy watching wht they think of as the greater threat--


In keeping with my intense dislike of the DHS and their heavy use of unconstitutional tactics and total lack of accountability, I’m going to sit this one out.


yes. That’s why they would be sent after the KKK… as opposed to say… say, my neighbor Ahmed.


Mmmmm. That’s totally how this petition would work in the best case scenario. Totally.


As @LDoBe pointed out, the petition wasn’t exactly worded well… Hence my qualification of “interesting” rather than “awesome”.
Who do you think produces the chatter in the racist Reddit groups? (despite media portrayal, the KKK aren’t all ignorant good ol’ boys that couldn’t possibly work a computer) [edit: I see that @singletona082 pointed that out]

I think that 100k new donations to the SPLC would likely have better long term results than having the Whitehouse formally say that hate speech is protected speech and that DHS priorities are independent from the WH.
Hate Map | Southern Poverty Law Center
The Southern Poverty Law Center counted 784 active hate groups in the United States in 2014. Only organizations and their chapters known to be active during 2014 are included.

Perhaps the petition should be to have Civil Rights violations classified as Terrorism (since hate crimes are designed to terrorize a segment of US citizens).
It would be nice if the FBI spent their time setting up ignorant hate mongers instead of Muslim kids.



You forgot one: Dependable Skeleton – My name is Legion



‘We are here’: NC business owner finds ominous message from KKK spray-painted on property

“We are here! KKK” spray-painted on his property, local Fox8 reports. Todd Hale, the owner of Clarence Hale Auto Parts near Eden, a town that borders Virginia to the north, reported the incident to police. “This needs to stop,” Hale said. “Nobody… you shouldn’t have to come in and see this.” While the Klan message was spray-painted on a motor home parked on his property, other obscene messages were painted on the road, according to Fox8. The noose was tied to the fence that surrounds his business.
Per TFA, some other yahoos harassed an 8 year old kid's birthday party; KKK recruiters were out again -- a phone number from the flyer hailed the “victory” of Dylann Roof, the self-proclaimed racist that has been charged with the Charleston massacre; etc


She has a valid point…


The Klan is pretty irrelevant in the way the Westboro jackasses are irrelevant. They don’t do anything except get enough media attention to keep attracting enough bozos to get media attention. A few hundred or thousand SOBs is what the system should probably generate – however after a while they’ve served their purpose. By making it HARD to be an organized racist we may achieve a few good social goals and some great PR.

Certainly no loss.


Wait long enough, and perhaps they will take themselves out…
Sometimes you need to replenish your hope. — New York white supremacist blows off his own leg…

An upstate New York man who blew his leg off in his garage making improvised explosive devices will be held in federal custody without bail because law enforcement found white supremacist paraphernalia and believe he’s dangerous, WGRZ reports.

Michael O’Neill, 45, a former Niagara County corrections officer, is accused of making seven bombs and was arrested two weeks ago after one of the devices accidentally went off.


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