Pharmacist arrested after vaccine cards sold for $10 a pop

This person posted about their brother who was one of the buyers and got caught:


Being convicted of theft is a good way to lose your pharmacist license.


That’s the thing. I don’t know that they can. Pharmacists aren’t exactly trained to give injections. Where pharmacies are doing vaccines here there’s separate nursing and PA staff to do the deed.

A pharmacist would have access to the vaccines themselves, and the cards. Which is why we’re hearing about them selling fake cards and fucking with vaccine vials.

But I haven’t seen anything about a pharmacist messing with the reporting system. I’d think that’s because they don’t have direct access to it.

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Falsifying medical records and endangering patients health likewise.


Already happening in France.



The issue is that pharmacists in some if not all states have write access to the state vaccine registry. They may not be giving the jabs themselves, but they’re able to record it (and do if it hasn’t already been entered by an insurer).


Related: in sane jurisdictions, the lawsuits from people who value money more than public health are beginning as expected.


I presume that the regulatory framework of the pharmacy as regards medications also applies to vaccinations. If so, that means that every shot given is done under the authority of the pharmacist on duty. So while I can imagine a setup where a non-jabbing doctor has less write access to the system than a part time pharmacy tech does, I really doubt it’s implemented anything like that.


It’s like actually just cheaper to get vaccinated.


Where do you live? Pharmacists have been trained and certified to give vaccines for about 20 years. I had a vaccine certification before a pharmacy license. All my current pharmacy students have the certification, the training for which is included in the curriculum in most (if not all) Doctor of Pharmacy programs.


Wasn’t aware. Like i said where I’m at in NY, every pharmacy giving vaccine has nurses on staff for that. It happens in the pharmacy, probably under the auspices of the pharmacist. But the person handling the needle is a clearly identified RN, LPN or PA. That seems to be the way it’s been done since they started giving flu shots years ago.

The Covid vaccine stations at the drug stores here are in separate areas, and while mostly staffed by store employees. They’ve got a non-store laptop and the same state volunteers as the public vaccine center entering info.

I dunno if the smaller independent pharmacies are set up the same way. We don’t actually have many of those here. Or even if that’s the thing state wide.

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When I read this kind of grift I’m often surprised by just how little money people are willing to ruin their careers and reputations for.

$10 a pop? A pharmacist could make twice that selling a single pill of Oxycodone and they’d be serving repeat customers. If you’re going to throw away your career as a pharmacist and face prison time for it you might as well go all in.


Interesting. NY operates differently than any state where I have lived. Then again, nurses cost less than pharmacists. Thanks for the 411.


Look up this pharmacist in the NPI Registry and this is what you see at the bottom of the page:

There has been an issue connecting to the database. The bells are ringing and alarms are sounding. Please try again in a few short minues and hopefully the problem will be resolved.


My pharmacist provides vaccination injections. It’s like a thirty second training.

Hell - I give myself injections without instruction more than reading the instructions for my psoriasis med and hormones before I needed that. Tens of millions if not more people give themselves injections every day.

It’s incredibly simple.


Part of it might be that we have so few independent pharmacies. It’s all CVS and Walgreens these days.

They’ve been aggressively recruiting nurses and what have as part of their plan to shift towards the whole walk in clinic thing. And most of the testing and vaccine rollout in NY State has been tied to “partnering” with for profit walk in clinics and drug store chains.

So maybe it just shakes out this way.

Either way from what I see locally I dunno that the pharmacist would be able to pull off altering the actual vaccine reporting system.

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Yep - CVS - that’s where my pharmacist gives me injections in Philadelphia.

And my left arm.


Years ago I worked for an auditing company, and we frequently audited pharmacies. For many parts of the pharmacy, every single pill on the shelf was counted, one by one. Then a second person recounted just to make sure. A few unaccounted for missing pills could mean the manger of the store got fired, and probably legal trouble for the pharmacists. Missing drugs would be noticed, and investigated.

Some stacks of easily printed blank forms intended only as reminder cards for customers? Not so much. So no risk of the management discovering blank reminder cards gone missing.


I rather think they should get slightly more than the thirty second training. Around 3 (or is it 4? 5? What year is this now?) years ago I had a flu shot from the pharmacist. Seemed like it would be quick and convenient compared to trying to get a regular doctor’s appointment. My arm still hurts from that shot. And when I move my arm in certain ways, it just plain stings. Evidently that sort of thing can happen the shot is given incorrectly, and something in the muscle (or tendon? ) is damaged in the process. I now wish that pharmacist had gotten slightly better training.


He really sucked - I mean - it’s an incredibly simple thing.