Pharmakon is the solo industrial noise project by badass musician Margaret Chardiet

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That is more than a little disturbing. I got about halfway through, and had to stop.
Makes Tool’s ‘Schizm’ look positively pedestrian!

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She also helped create the music that they perform in the beginning of “The Sound Of Metal”!

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Ugh, I got the point halfway through. People tearing apart and eating people, including themselves. Yay?

One point I didn’t get, and didn’t feel like waiting any longer for – an answer to the question, “Why?”

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In general, noise and industrial artists often explore the darker side of humanity in order to bring understanding to that side of modern life. “Devour” can be understood as a pathological form of consumption, that, taken to extremes can be destructive to individuals and those around them. It’s like when Skinny Puppy has a video with seeming animal cruelty, it’s a statement against experimenting on animals or a video about the Iran Iraq war… or when Laibach wears military uniforms and does martial sounding covers of pop songs, they are implicitly drawing connections between authoritarianism and the role pop music plays in creating a more compliant population…

Not for everyone, obviously, but industrial music has always rested at the nexus between the extreme end of the performance art movement and punk rock. They often trade in extreme imagery in order to get their audience to think a bit deeper about the extremes that capitalism can bring about.



Coach Order GIF by Bud Light

Or really, a “hit you over the head with its blunt simplicity” metaphor.

You’d be surprised by how many middle class white people don’t realize that life is a brutal struggle, and they are a part of that, for others.

But of course, YMMV. Sometimes that sort of metaphor can help people understand the struggle of others. :woman_shrugging:


Oh sure, no doubt. I was just expressing my mileage. Interacting with art is of course a subjective thing.

I find a lot of “modern” art is more contestual than subjective. It poses a question, good or bad, which more often than not is “look at me”.

Kinda inherently self indulgent.

If I look at this am I engaging with the beautiful or the shocking?

I gravitate toward the noise and the chaos but this leaves me cold.

For me I love the stuff that frames a new way of seeing stuff either socially or phenomenologicaly. The abstract stuff that makes me look in wonder is my go to for good feels.

Well yeah, it’s a a genre of music that often involves smashing things with hammers

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I liked it, but I like that sort of thing.

Not to be confused with the hottest convention of the year for people in, and fans of, the pharmaceutical industry.

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