Phase three is profit: Yaccarino on the brilliance of Musk's rebrand

It sounds as if the buyer will also have to pay for removing the signs.


When Coca Cola introduced “New Coke” and got immediate backlash they brought back “Classic Coke” and made a huge win.

Metaphorically speaking Musk ditched Coke altogether, started offering up carbonated jackal urine, and thinks telling everyone over and over “it’s like Coke but better” will somehow work.


“The rebrand represented really a liberation from Twitter,” she said. "A liberation that allowed us to evolve past a legacy mindset and thinking.

Is the sort of thing said by cult leaders just before they start ladling out the cyanide-laced sodas.


that first one isn’t so hard; the second is extremely difficult. that gap between millionaire and billionaire is so large, i think it’d be impossible to fall down within one’s lifetime.

( if there’s a person who has done so, i’d be curious who )


I’m loving the new plan to pay Twitter blue subscribers ad revenue from views on their tweets - Elno decided to decrease the number of views before that kicks in from 15 million to only 5 million views over three months, which apparently is pretty easy to achieve if you have a lot of followers/mildly viral tweet… but only views from “verified” handles (i.e. blue subscribers) count, and last I heard, there weren’t remotely anything like 5 million subscribers, so… (Extra funny: the justification was that otherwise scammers would use bots to gin up views… despite the fact that there are a lot of “verified” bot/scammer accounts.)

The fear was that revenue-chasing would lead to tr0lling hot takes to get people to respond/angrily look at it, driving the site down the toilet even further. But if only subscriber views count, it’s just going to be a big incestuous hairball of fascists trying to appeal to other fascists. (And then failing, because there aren’t enough of them - unless multiple views from the same account count the same as multiple viewers, in which case it’ll just be a hotbed of clickfraud.)


You’re right. I was thinking about the former guy when I wrote that. Even then, I’m not sure he is a real billionaire or not so this becomes irrelevant.

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Apparently Musk gets all bent out of shape if someone uses X’s deadname. It must remind him of talks with his daughter.


$100k? I’m gonna bid $420k for this bad boy, and just back out of the sale at the end which I assume will be fine and have zero repercussions, because wacky drug numbers aren’t actually legally binding.


There’s at least one potential buyer:

Though, really, they should buy the X sign. Twitter didn’t fail, they did well by forcing the sale to the rube.


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