Philadelphia city council candidate says his secret AI has discovered disqualifying fraud in the nominations of 30 out of 33 candidates


“AI” is going to be the new scammer’s friend, isn’t it? Machine learning / AI have authority but they’re also black boxes, which is just ripe for abuse. Even more so when people can just claim they have said black box when they don’t (it’s pink and made out of cardboard), because just invoking machine learning/AI is good enough.



Wouldn’t the easy way to handle this be for him to name a forged signature, call up the person who signed and ask them if they did or did not? Heck, do it twice. If any of the two are forgeries, move forward and investigate the rest. If they are not, toss the case and charge this guy with fraud



If the 30 candidates chipped in $33,333 each, there’s the million dollars.



This is like robbing a bank with a finger gun in your pocket.



I look forward to being anonymized by such software in the future.

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WHOAH! Don’t type Devon Cade into a google video search!

I can’t imagine why this happened on my work computer which is filtered like whoah, but that search term returns LOTS of gay porn! I about threw my mouse across my desk trying to click away.

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ISWYDT – repurposed a Komodo Bakery malasada box!

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As a voter living in the Philadelphia area for nearly 60 years, let me just say I am SHOCKED and APPALLED at any questionable politicking going on. We only elect the finest, most qualified, most vetted candida…

Sorry, couldn’t keep a straight face.



And at this point the only thing in the box is greasy crumbs.

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Yes, he did, didn’t he… so we had refute and repudiate and we end up with refudiate and … well, it must be repute. By using the word refudiate this person’s lack of repute is assured.



What the hell is dsprawled?



Secret AI is the new Ouija board?

They are both prone to bias, and even a real AI is only as good as the data put into it.



An dsprawled= and sprawled

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Apparently Cade collapsed this morning before the judge could hear any legal challenges… He was described as “muttering and sweating” before being carried out by paramedics on a stretcher.

I’ve lived in the Philly area for many, many years. This is nothing out of the ordinary for city politics.



And with AI, it’s all about the neural network model, not the software, anyway. And the model’s only as good as the data it was trained on. And they’re notoriously impossible to debug. So basically (assuming he did anything at all, which is questionable), he trained it on data that will get the outcome he wanted, and then said “Voila, the AI must be right!” :roll_eyes:



Refudiate is perfectly cromulent you know. Its cromulently irrefudiatable if you think about it



Are you trying to refudiate the word dsprawled?


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