Philly cop charged with murder after security cam video shows he lied about suspect "lunging" at him with knife

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That cop needs to get a bus parked on him, hard.


The police commissioner’s last name is Outlaw, so at least there’s some truth in advertising there in Philadelphia.


Holy crap! You’d straight-up murder somebody for a traffic offense? That ex-cop must be scared of his own shadow.


After the department refused to release Dial’s bodycam footage

Well, that’s a red flag. How are the cops allowed to refuse to hand over body cam footage? ACAB, eh?


Yeah, it looks like he was just blindly spraying bullets while running away. “I was afraid for my life” is the perfect defense for a gang of cowards.


If he’s convicted of murder (fingers crossed) doesn’t that mean that anyone who saw his body camera footage and participated in the lie, is also guilty of a crime, and may be an accessory to murder?


Not any more. After the department got sued for excessive force against protestors, she got Promoted to New York.
Note: When she was chief in Portland, OR, the police were very aggressive with protestors.
When She worked in Oakland, the police were very aggressive with Protestors.
Good luck NYC Transit riders.


And, of course, she was Portland’s police chief when Portland Police escorted the Proud Boys across our most bike and pedestrian friendly bridge in the city.
Said Proud boys were led across the bridge by Joe Biggs and Enrique Terrio, both recently sentenced on seditious conspiracy charges.

I may hold opinions…


they’re now declining to say whether he was even holding a knife

It would be completely irrelevant even if he did - he wasn’t exactly going to stab anyone from inside a car with the windows rolled up, now was he? The only thing that would even remotely justify the shooting was if he was aiming a gun at the police - but they’ve already made it clear, even through their lives, that he didn’t have a gun anywhere in the car.

I don’t think that’s ever happened before - I think, at best, we can expect his partner, who presumably backed up his lie in his own incident report, will face some consequence for filing inaccurate paperwork. But given the cops all clearly knew what had happened, even without viewing the bodycam footage - the physical evidence (the shattered car window and bullets and blood in the car) would have pretty decisively told them that the driver didn’t get out and lunge at anyone - I suspect he won’t get in trouble for that, either. You can’t claim he tried to mislead his superiors with his report if they already knew the truth and were equally culpable in hiding it.


After the department refused to release Dial’s bodycam footage

Consequences for these people when? They deliberately tried to conceal incriminating evidence. They belong in jail with their buddy.


Cop must have left his drop gun in his other uniform pants.


They’re long past needing a drop gun to kill people and get away with it. Thinking they had a gun, or moving like they had a gun, or breathing is enough to make them fear for their lives and start shooting.


Hopefully a conviction and prison sentence will follow.
Can we join the modern world and have cops handling traffic stops not be allowed to have guns. If they say it won’t work because too many people have guns in their cars, then let’s put an end to that to.

If we don’t enact major gun control and police reform this country won’t last very long


Thugs in body armour, able to act with no responsibility or blame for anything they do.
Licensed “Peace” Officers.
This is Not a good thing for our country, and is doing Nothing for order, decency, and respect.


There should be an outside agency in charge of police cameras and the footage they shoot.


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