Philosopher referee hand-signals




Sweet! When do we all start using this?



Now we need emoticons here in the BBS for each of those signals.


“That thinker does not argue what you think.”

seems to be a restatement of:

“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


Wait, wait, there’s no signal for Use of Comic Sans. Or is that just a red card?


I read the first one “The thinker does not argue what you think” as referring to a specific philosopher. So, for example, if you said, “according to Descartes argument ‘I think therefore I am,’ which means I am simply the sum of my thoughts,” you would draw the “That thinker does not argue what you think” foul, since Descartes was attempting to get to a more rich philosophy and this statement was just a step along the way to that.


/me gives the handsignal for: Premise Accepted.



I think I’d prefer them as animated gifs.


Yes, but how do you signal an offside?


Ask Marx…


Signal for punt would be tabling the discussion?


When somebody changes the damn font.


Stop being an asshole:


Any other reasons why not?

…And before you start, aside from ditching Comic Sans for Times, I also fixed up the layout a bit, removed the jpeg artefacts and made it a greyscale png.


I love how most of the signals are a highly specific way of saying pretty much that.

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