Phish fan banned for bong hit at Las Vegas Sphere (video)

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Ugh - so embarrassing for them that they used the patently false and untrue fallback of “risking safety and security” as the justification, particularly after already utilizing the weaselly “visibly smoking” as his offense. (I’ve been to all of the musical events there so far; they KNOW that patrons are smoking everything in there, as it’s impossible to miss.)


Curious of they will use face recognition to enforce this. If someone buys you a Sphere ticket, do they need to put your real name down and you also show ID at the door?

Buddy should flaunt this and rip a bong at each of the mentioned properties.


they use facial recognition to bar lawyers who might sue them.


The Sphere’s rules seem to be:

Doing drugs and recording yourself doing drugs is not ok.

Doing drugs without recording yourself but then going on TV to record your experience of doing drugs is ok for Drew Carey.


Facial recognition software’s looking for a man whose face is part-bong. If he hits a different bong at each venue, he’ll be fine.


When I saw that, my first thought was “how TF did he get that into the venue in the first place?”
I mean, I go to a lot of shows. Security is pretty tight, especially at venues like this. I’ve of course seen plenty of people smoking a joint, but never in my life having been to many hundreds of concerts seen someone whip out a bong…


I went to a Black Crowes show back in the day, and I was on the tail end of an antibiotics prescription that I had to take 5 times per day, so I didn’t have the option of leaving it at home. A Roseland employee insisted on opening it up and handling them with her bare hands (which in hindsight…yuck), as if they could tell erythromycin by touch. They let me in, but during the show, joints were pretty much raining down on me. (A lot of clumsy weed enthusiasts at that show, I guess.) To be fair, the prescription bottle was noticeable and it wouldn’t be the craziest idea to try to sneak something in under the guise of legit medicine. To be unfair, they probably missed at least 70 kilos of weed going in the door while they were “examining” 8 antibiotic tablets.


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