Photorealistic bacon scarf




Oh that is just foul foulard.


The french word lard actually means, um, lard. On the other hand, in french, the word for bacon is bacon.

It’s an old french word.

/here’s a tip: if you can’t sneak off to Schwartz’s for some of their heavenly smoked meat 'cuz a trip to Blvd. St. Laurent just isn’t in the cards, a bacon sarnie can be a treyf-ier substitute.
Make sure you remember: N = C + {fb (cm) . fb (tc)} + fb (Ts) + fc . ta


Faux lard foulard too foul for you milord?


Oh dear god. I can’t explain why, but I find that absolutely revolting. PETA should use that thing in their campaigns.


People Eating Tasty Animals?


Bacon + Scarf = Barf


It’s a neat gimmick, but it’s actually a really ugly scarf.


i like it better if it were COOKED bacon.


But why?!?


Because, why not?


Really needs to be worn with bacon cologne


“Does this scarf make me look high in fat?”


High and fat.


I will.Thanks.
What’s it mean?


Oy vey!


Formula for a bacon sanger.


I am enlightened?


Holy crap, did anyone look at the prices?

“From €142.45 EUR to €150.15 EUR”

Pretty pricey for what has to be a novelty item…


At least the nytimes made a stab at correctly formatting it, with subscripts (Anybody have a link to the canonical paper?)