Photos from MAKE's 2008 visit to MAD Magazine

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I hope the current staff sneaks back into the office on a weekend when no one’s looking and heists the fuck out of all the cool shit. DC Entertainment doesn’t deserve any of it.


growing up loving spy vs spy, i was pretty excited to end up in that issue. a double bonus to be sure


Was it anything like this:


Back in the fall of 1986, during my first visit to Manhattan as an adult, I made a point to visit Mad at their former offices on MADison Avenue. When I arrived only a young woman was in, at the front desk, and to my surprise after I told her I had been a fan of the magazine for many years, she cheerfully gave me a brief tour of the offices. There were brown cardboard storage boxes piled a few layers high in many places in the hallways, and I got to see a model of the Mad zeppelin hanging from the ceiling in William Gaines’s cluttered office. In the reception area there were a number of foreign language issues of Mad, and I took a Greek and a Finnish one as souvenirs. So glad I did visited them. Years later in 2000 I stopped by their offices on Broadway and it was totally different.


Unfortunately they moved the offices to LA a few years ago as a cost-saving measure. Rest assured that staff members were able to save a substantial amount of the contents.


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