Photos from the Rothschilds' 1972 surrealist ball


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I went to this party and spent most of it picking bits of fur out of my teacup.


Please elaborate.


Drinking from the furry teacup? Méret Oppenheim would Object.


Looks a bit like the end of The Shining (Kubrick Edition).

I clicked for the awesome but I was disappointed. Maybe it was just the style of photography, but it looked dreary to me.

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I’m all for reflexively condemning the hyper-rich, but if you’re a weird shadowy billionaire aristo, better you should be spending your unimaginable riches on cool dress-up parties than tacky mega-yachts or sabotaging health care bills.

I agree. I think the rich have a moral obligation to be quirky, if not outright eccentric.

I doubt I’ll ever be quirky-rich, but if I do, you can damn well know that my dogs are going to get really, really cool nose-lasers!


But would you want to be one of the illuminati? If I became quirky rich I’d sooner be tenebrati. So, no lasers for me. But releasable stealth hounds …

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RE: “the underlying ideology and the mind state of the occult elite,”

Yup, that’s self-important bullshit hogwash.

The UltraRich are usually the last to personally adopt a trend, in contrast to merely funding it as Leyland did Whistler.

The Surrealist movement was nearly extinct a generation prior, so the 1972 Surrealist Ball’s timing and content is best explained in the epigram, “Like, 70s, dude.” – too late for the late-60s but too early to impress Jodie Foster.

But would you want to be one of the illuminati?

The only thing I remember about that party is that my entree wouldn’t stop ringing, and when I glanced down at my watch to see if it was too early to duck out I realized that it had melted off my wrist.


It is my understanding that one can see similar sights by just perambulating the streets of Williamsburg.

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I don’t always appreciate the rich, but when I do it’s the idle rich.


Yeah hey that’s great you’ve got a gramophone on yer head and all, but does it play?!?

I am disappointed by the lack of shrapnel.

Very rich people are extremely boring. They are generally an unappealing mix of decadent, self-satisified, lazy, bored and intellectually incurious. At least that’s been my experience. As animals we are not suited to such utter sloth and lack of necessity. As one commenter notes, having a surrealist ball in 1972 is ridiculously out of date, given that the movement itself dates to the 1930’s, when it ended. Oops, only 40 years late. The photos look airless and lifeless, I’m sure the whole thing was a horrendous bore.

Up against the wall, that’s what I say (though that “HangtheBankers” site seems to be attracting an awful lot of basement-dwelling anti-semites).

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i think rust and marty will catch them this next episode.

They’re quite clearly trying to raise the spirit of Baphomet, as per traditional illuminati rituals, under the guise of a fancy-dress.

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