Photos of forgotten brains in a mental hospital


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I suppose that if the brains had been left where they were initially, their owners would remember where they were.

/I’ve been working on the wording for a bit, I hope this one works.

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Okay, despite the book blurb on Amazon and what the Post says, these brains are not from the University of Texas Mental Hospital, mostly because there isn’t a University of Texas Mental Hospital. They are from the Austin State Hospital, referred to locally simply as the State Hospital, which was for a long time the main mental hospital in the state and just up the street from the University of Texas. The two are wholly disassociated.

The brains now belong to the University of Texas at Austin; here is a link to a post the University made in October of last year about Vorhees’ visit and a better story about the brains:


Make sure not to use the one from the patient named “Abby Normal.”


Somehow my wife ended up with an extra human brain in a jar. We have no idea who it was originally. We kept it in the living room next to the baby books. You can see it in the background of some family photos.

This year she decided to take it to school to show her students. Only a little bit of liquid somehow leaked out in her van.

The next day I got in and asked “Did you have Taco Bell without me?” “No.” I could swear I smelled Taco Bell. All day long, every time we got in the van.

Yeah, I eventually figured it out.

I’m not sure which is the worse conclusion: Human brains smell like Taco Bell or Taco Bell smells like human brains.


Can a man love more than one brain?


Just a couple guys complaining about how the baby stuff gets in the way of the preserved brain collection.

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I heard that in Jack Handy’s voice.

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Oh there’s my mind.



…the nice computer says I should be more descriptive…

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looks like a job for  

i seriously love this thing, @OtherMichael


I am curious about the “strange” qualifier.

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