Photos of Studio 54 (1978-1980)



Top photo needs matching fez.

(Fezes? Fezez? Fezopodes?)

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G.B. Trudeau is currently exhibiting a retrospective of some hand-drawn recollections of Studio 54.

Richard and Robert Lasko, later known as The Dupont Twins, worked for caterer Martha Stewart, eventually introducing her to Andy Warhol.

54 – with Mike Meyers as Steve Rubell – is an excellent period-piece film:

yeah, i remember when these ran originally, but i’ve really been enjoying the walk down Doonsbury memory lane. suddenly this week i’ve really wanted a t-shirt with disco Zonker on it, bustin’ his moves.

The photos are beautiful, but I’ve never seen a less interesting group of people.


It must be said, once again, that cocaine is a helluva drug.

Because of this, it was difficult to get into: the imperturbable doormen who doled out access according to rules that only they seemed to know made sure of it. The most evident way of winning them over was to be beautiful, but only the famous or socially connected could assume that they’d be shooed around the flock of hopefuls milling on the street side of the entrance rope and through the door.

It’s nice to know that some people still respect the sacred duty to keep uncool/unattractive people out of entertainment venues.

Why do we remember this place fondly, again?

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