Photoshop nightmare: Gentlemens' hosiery model has no intergluteal cleft


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Ah, that classic Harlan Ellison story “I Have No Gluteal Cleft and I Must…”


Perhaps they’re one of those real life Ken dolls.


Mocking the disabled? This is a new low for you, Boing.


Intergluteal cleft is the name of my new Ted Cruz tribute band.


Jeez, just show that ass, guys. Nothing’s gonna happen. We all know what it looks like.


Tireless caulking gun for pixel monkeys.


“Turn it up to the maximus!”



That’s what you think.


Worse still, in the second picture, in place of the cleft, the model seems to be developing some overgrown lumbosacral complex.
H. R. Giger hosiery! Boudoir Prometheus!


Did not realize that Photoshop had a “crack spackle” tool.


Just say no to crack?

Funny that Amazon says no, but its perfectly fine for TV…


The “six-pack butt” is the new standard for male attractiveness.



There is a well-known female country musician who early in her career was upset (due to her Christian upbringing) that her press photo showed too much cleavage, so she had the art department blur it out in the days before photoshop, which just made her chest look kinda weird.


How do they poop?



Models don’t have to.


Gentlemens’ hosiery model has no intergluteal cleft

Man, he’s got no ass-crack either.


Reminds me of that scene from Coneheads.