Picture of Bill O'Reilly complaining about non-experts bloviating on TV


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Or, as ICP might put it: self-awareness, how the fuck does that work?


Here’s the original footage: http://www.foxnews.com/transcript/2016/10/14/bill-oreilly-sad-times-for-american-voter/

It’s really eerie sometimes when BO says things that are mostly true. You start to wonder if he’s performing a long con to troll the conservatives, but then you realize he really is just that self-unaware.


Oh, sure, mock Bill O’Reilly. I’ve been assured that it’s things like this that drive people to President Trump!


Is this irony? I am told that ironiy is something like this, but given how often the word seems to be misused I don’t know.


Irony is when you spend your whole life waiting for something truly ironic to happen and when it does, you find that you aren’t sure you understood the meaning of the word correctly. Wait… did I use the correct meaning of the word now?


“The tide goes in, the tide goes out… you can’t explain that!” (one word: moon)

I am reminded of Carl Sagan’s quote “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe”.

So lessee… for an apple pie: big bang, expansion, stars form, planets form, lotsa time, accumulation of higher elements, continued expansion, our sun forms, our planet forms, (somehow or other we got this swell moon, swell, get it? nyuknyuk) and enough water for oceans, more time, life starts on our planet, more time, evolution, more time, a few extinctions, more time, we evolve, we ‘discover’ fire, neocortex expansion, agriculture, basic cooking and food processing. OK so at THIS point we can make a pie, make clay pan, harvest grains, make flour, crust, collect apples, core using flint knife, mix in some honey, build a fire, in a very basic earthen stove and… pie.

Or in Bilious O’Liely’s case, big bang, stars form, planets form, our star forms, our planet and moon form, we get enough iceteroid goodness and internal processes to make our oceans and gravity does the rest. It’s the Moon.

Who can explain it?

(who can explain my magical love of cherry pie? i turned an apple pie into cherry pie… whoops! lol)


Some people consider Bill O’Reilly an expert. You can’t explain that.

Well, you can, but the explanation is going to be really, really, really depressing.


I just found the same link as above.


My irony meter broke.



Yes he is that self unaware.


What is amusing is to go to O’Reilly’s website. He goes on tour to sold out venues with ticket prices ranging from 65 to 500 dollars. He is skilled at separating fools from their money.


That’s the first Apple Pie recipe I’ve ever seen that uses cherries instead of apples. I’m intrigued.


Bill O’Reilly is doing “The Word” now?


Well have you seen those nut balls on You Tube?



Is he one of the Hopefuls?