Ted Koppel schools Bill O'Reilly for his 20 years of dumbing down journalism


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Well at least Bill O’Reilly admits to ruining the country.


He says “yeah I ruined the country” with such a freaking petulant, dismissive tone.



Has it been twenty years already? Time really flies when you’re angry and resentful.*


  • Trump 2016!


Sow the Faux News and you shall reap the Trump.


It’s ten years old (and zero years irrelevant), but a joy for those of us who saw the original broadcast:

Gloves come off at 9:19.


Dammit! We DO need to put diapers on horses!

Wait, that came out wrong and I need to stop looking at Fur Affinity.


He’s pretending to be a journalist! Isn’t that cute?


This makes me… not happy, exactly, but I am glad to see it said. If there are even a few O’Reilly viewers who remember Ted Koppel and ever trusted him, maybe a few of them will think in response to this.


Who’s interviewing whom here? Presumably it’s O’Reilly’s show and yet he’s unprepared and dodging questions.

Oh, wait, I guess that’s typical for him in any case.


Well done, Mr. Koppel.


There’s so much going on in this clip, but I just can’t get past the fact that Bill called the British secret intelligence agency “em one six”. How god damn stupid is he?


[quote]How god damn stupid is he?

You don’t really want an answer to that, do you?


Ted Koppel is a BAMF


The problem with this is that with someone like O’Reilly, describing anything they do in grand terms, even in a negative sense (ruining journalism, for example) will be taken as a compliment. Assholes like Bill truly do not care whether they’ve done well or done ill, only that you know about them and think they did something important.


That was deliciously awesome and so many levels!


Can’t be measured on anything known to man.

I remember him, Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings, etc. Back when they reported the facts, didn’t try to influence how you felt about something. If they did feel strongly about something, they would let you know it was their own opinion and didn’t represent the network. Class acts that are sadly lacking from the current “news” world.


What Koppel really needed to say is that O’Reilly and the overall spectrum of conservative “media” have spent decades promoting a mistrust of any sources of information outside of themselves, “the liberal media lies to you”, so now they have nothing to fall back on when their own candidate is an incompetent fraudulent asshole. You can’t suddenly agree with the “lying liberal media” that he’s unfit to be President, so you’re stuck.

What he kind of alludes to by saying O’Reilly turned the news into subjective entertainment: is there such a thing as objective reality, are there verifiable facts that support one side or the other, or is everything just a grey area, ideological clay that can be molded into your version of reality?

O’Reilly and Hannity and Limbaugh and all of them have spent decades presenting their opinions as fact, so now they’ve birthed a Presidential candidate who thinks he can say whatever he wants, and it’s just factual because that’s the way he feels about it.


Is it me, or was that clip craptastaically cut? I listened to it first and thought I heard a jump cut only to go back to watch the component again, and see that Koppel goes from mouth open to closed instantly.

Either Koppel’s a robot or the O’Riley Matrix had a glitch


This was one media figuring interviewing another media figure about how to interview a third media figure. It would be difficult to broadcast less value than this.