Classic remix: Bill O'Reilly will do it live


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It’s almost as if we should have known.


Bill O’Reilly, who?


Might want a big neon NSFW in the headline. In fact, Maybe that’s the entire headline.


Remind me why anyone liked this guy.


It’s like Bonzo Goes To Washington’s “Five Minutes”, but with a petulant baby instead of a senile warmonger.


What part of “Bill O’Reilly” don’t you understand as NSFW?


My favorite part is when he gets angry.


Great. Thanks. I just upped my millennial hoarding game by emailing myself the entire bb /remix tag. /NSFW is next.


He just says what we’re all thinking: “FUCK IT!! THIS THING FUCKIN’ SUCKS!”


In between glimpses like this and the serial accusations of sexual harassment, you know he must have been an absolute nightmare to work with for everyone. It always amazes me that people who are infamously awful to work with still manage to have careers, much less successful careers.


To play us out? What’s that mean?

it means, in the immortal words of Big Daddy Kane, “Go put a quarter in ya ass, 'cause you played yourself.”

you’re played-out, kid.


His new book, “Killing My Career” should be a doozy.


How did he get to be a presenter without learning what “play us out” means?


i tell ya, there’s something fishy about that guy


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