"All Star" but the only instrument is disgraced entertainer Bill O'Reilly saying his own name


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Wait, Bill O’Reilly got his start on Inside edition?

I am not at all surprised, it’s just that suddenly the world makes a lot more sense.


My understanding is that being fired is simply a speed bump, and he intends to continue his broadcasts from his own website.



Smash Mouth’s All Star? Well than this is just obligatory:


You used to be an all-star.


Well. . . it’s better than the one I made on my Casio SK-1 toy sampler, set to the tune of Haydn’s “Toy Symphony” that comes pre-programmed as the demo song.


Cockroaches can always find new trash.


I started listening to that and then I realized what I was doing and stopped listening to it.


okay and with @beschizza’s other posts this morning definitely LSD in my coffee is the only explanation.


I might just watch a reality show where he looks for a landing pad… Breitbart, InfoWars, etc.


What about LSD in @beschizza’s coffee?


Finally, something more annoying than the dog bark version of Jingle Bells.


I… I’m not sure I understand how internet mockary works anymore…


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