Pigs on Trial


I can’t listen right now, but pigs are evil creatures that deserve death.

You may mention this in the podcast, but just in case: someone made a film about this.

THAT is one of my FAVORITE all time movies - EVER!!! And Colin Firth is just icing on the cake.

Okay that trailer totally does not mention pigs. Let’s try this clip instead:

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Council requests permission to approach the bench.


Makes as much sense as most United States law regarding competency to stand trial.

What did these pigs do? I thought that they usually just got a paid leave of absence…


Oy vey…

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9th comment. Folks be slipping 'round here.

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The Romans put trees on trial:

A few days later Drusillus was dead. He was found lying behind a bush in the garden of a house at Pompeii… . A small pear was found stuck in his throat. It was said at inquest that he had been seen throwing fruit up in the air and trying to catch it in his mouth: his death was unquestionably due to an accident. But nobody believed this. It was clear that Livia, not having been consulted about the marriage of one of her own great-grandchildren, had arranged for the child to be strangled and the pear crammed down his throat afterwards. As was the custom in such cases, the pear tree was charged with murder and sentenced to be uprooted and burned.

Source: I, Claudius by Robert Graves

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Did they also jail furry woodland creatures?


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