Pit bull crashes TV station



"Is that gonna be on YouTube later?"

Yes. Yes, it is, you sly dog.


My pit bull pulled this move on the landscapers yesterday- “YOU MUST LET ME LOVE YOU! I AM UNSTOPPABLE WITH THE LOVE!!!”


“Crashes” as in “enters without invitation” as opposed to “causes to stop working”. I spent several moments trying to imagine how a dog could cause an entire TV station to stop working.


Weather Crashers?


Pit and Pit-Mixes? if well loved and trained? are some of the most intelligent, loyal and loving family members… (which is why I let Penny sleep on the bed, even though she farts more than my son or wife. :slight_smile: )


hope this works for you, let me know:



(in the end, it was PEBKAC error)


Pit Bulls are fantastic dogs, but this is an American Bulldog. Not as stumpy. He’s a puppy tho, so he still has to grow into his dog suit.

For reference:

NOT AS STUMPY <------------------------------------> STUMPY

American Bulldog <-------------- Pit Bull -------------> English Bulldog


He gets into the control room instead of the weather set.


Apparently it was only raining dogs that day


Next you’re gonna tell us that he stepped in a poodle.


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