Pittsburgh's first new distillery since prohibition


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Looks like my fellow PA booze lovers can order the white rye, white wheat whiskey or the gin and have it delivered to home or a local state store.


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There is a move to make new distilleries easier to launch.


Do you have any articles? I might be interested, actually.

That building is classic. It’s a perfect place for a distillery.

Um… Comeback? As a Pittsburgher since birth, I have to say I never knew we went away.

Also, the last thing Pittsburgh needs is to be “Hip”. Too much of that crap around already.

I believe their “gin” is actually ginever, or Dutch Gin. Which is the product the English were trying to emulate when they mad gin.

Actually it does need to be hip. The city desperately needs to hang on to its young people. Only very recently has the average age of city residents gone down.

Agies, even greater horror: the number of residents is now going up. At this rate my neighborhood will soon have more people than feral cats.

Pittsburgh (actually Glenshaw, just a little north) is also home to Boyd & Blair Vodka - small batch vodka made from Pennsylvania potatoes.

http://boydandblair.com/ (the vodka is better than the website)

Let me guess - Lawrenceville?

Wow. I know Brits who have moved to the States to live in New York. I know others who moved to Los Angeles. You have to be the first I’ve heard who moved to Pittsburgh. Granted, from the couple of times I’ve been there I had a good time and was favorably impressed, but it’s still one of those cities like St. Louis and Milwaukee where the natives feel the need to explain that “it isn’t what you think; we’ve gotten better over the last couple of decades”. What brought you there?

I’m a writer working from home, so the proposition was simply: “live anywhere I like in the USA that isn’t astronomically expensive.”

After I’d researched it, it came down to Portland or Pittsburgh. I made this decision about 7 years ago–it’s taking America a while to figure out what’s going on, here, but it will (and kinda is, tbh)

Here in the Golden Triangle of micro-breweries (Fort Collins-Boulder-Denver), we have a large number of excellent beers to choose from. Several distilleries too have been started in Colorado, though I have yet to try one of their products that compares to the flavors and character of more established (usually imported) hard liquor. Perhaps Pittsburg will be more successful; they’ve waited long enough.

But in downtown Fort Collins, we recently tried a place specializing in hard cider – Scrumpys Hard Cider Bar. They are also serving up mostly imported hard ciders from Europe. We tried the Magners and it was excellent. In August we picked up some Crispin in Oregon and it was also very good and satisfying to drink.

There you are, Rob, in a state heavily trafficked by John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed). What’s the hard cider scene like in Pittsburgh, or do you drink the stuff? How about mead?

I beg to difer. That’s not what a distillery should look like. Especially a whisky distillery.

This is what a whisky distillery should look like:

And it should be run by people who know whether ‘Sassenach!’ is a compliment or an insult, without googling it.

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We have a cider house that’s fairly decent and a at least one of the local microbreweries makes a seasonal cider.

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There have been some pretty favorable things said about it on MetaFilter, for what that’s worth.

Looks like we’re going to get our first post-prohibition distillery here in Atlanta as well (and in a cool neighborhood).


As an FYI, there is also a new distillery called Stayed Tuned Distillery that opened up in Homestead. Now Pittsburgh has two!

Eh. A distillery in the Americas trying to look like an Old World distillery, complete with fake Gaelic font and people using Gaelic expressions? Reminds me of an Irish pub in New York.

I like brick distilleries myself.

Fort Collins has a distillery down on Lincoln called Fiesty Spirits.

Colorado now has 37 micro-distilleries and some, like Dancing Pines in Loveland, are world class establishments. Swing by Social Bar and order the chai liqueur sometime.