The three coolest places in the world are Setouchi, Antarctica, and Pittsburgh


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Am I the only one who thinks Pittsburgh is just trying too hard?


Didn’t the city’s motto used to be “Pittsburgh. . . at least it’s not Cleveland”?


Isn’t Pittsburgh the place that used to be a Pizza Hut?


I’ve been to Pittsburgh and “cool” is not a word I would use to describe it.

Gritty (No relation to Gritty)


Have you been there since 1986?


You know, it has been awhile. Perhaps worthy of another visit but, not until Spring. Cold and gray Pittsburgh will always be this time of year.


I had to work in Pittsburgh for a couple of months in 2012. The few blocks downtown, and a few near landmarks, were nice. The rest of the city was so ugly and @%$#! looking I’d rather go blind than ever see it again.




West Yorkshire? Like, all of it?


I live in Pittsburgh and have visited some of those other places and would rather live/visit them than the 'burgh. Possibly the power of BA marketing money for their new direct flight? Might make my family come and visit though . . . nah why would they want to see a giant Heinz ketchup bottle?


Pittsburgh’s contribution to WW2 was enormous. But never forget the contribution of Austin, MN, home of Hormel Meats. Something like 5% of the total calories consumed by the Red Army during WW2 were SPAM.


I’ve never been to Pittsburgh, but I’m sure there’s some coolness there. However, that Nat Geo article isn’t very convincing. Direct flights from Heathrow aren’t much of a selling point if you’re already on Pittsburgh’s side of the Atlantic. The Cathedral of Learning and the Carnegie Museum do appeal to me, though I don’t see why the Heinz ketchup thing is appealing. And that’s it? Four reasons, two of which appeal to me. I’m curious about Pittsburgh, but I need more than two tourism-related reasons to go.


As someone from the Philly side of the state, I’m all “WHAT?”


  1. Eritrea

Really, NatGeo?


Wow, that was a very accurate description in the 70s, but it is a much nicer place now. Not a city boy myself, but if I had to live in a city, PGH would be the one I could probably make do in. (Plus my whole family hales from there, so there is that…)


I worked on a "Virtual Tour " project that was located in the lobby of the Alcoa building several years ago. It was winter for most of the installation etc. so that’s what sticks in my mind.

Indeed, I have heard from others that the city has changed considerably but, number 3 on the World’s Coolest Places?


Well, yeah, that is a serious reach. Not even sure it is in the top 3 coolest place in western PA!


Who wouldn’t want to see a giant Heinz ketchup bottle?


shut up shut up it’s bad and everyone is mean but the rent is absurdly expensive, definitely do not move there dudes who look like the monopoly man will empty his chamber pot on you THATS THE STORY AND WE’RE STICKING WITH IT


I’ve rolled through Pittsburg at night on the ol’ Amtrak a few times, and it seems like the whole city is covered in LEDs. Very colorful.