The three coolest places in the world are Setouchi, Antarctica, and Pittsburgh


Im so confused by this random list, someone needs to go reset the machine learning bot. #thanksmurdoch


Nat Geo Traveler has obviously started looking at other forms of money making.


Dundee got the latest outpost of the V&A this year. That’s probably the reason it’s on this year’s list.


Probably because they’re no longer at war, for like the first time in 20 years, so yeah, people who want to see it can now safely go there again.


Seriously not sure how safe - there are still border disputes w/ Ethiopia!


I know right? But for NatGeo’s target demographic of “bucket list” travelers, they must be chomping at the bit to check Eritrea off their lists!


Likewise, Cleveland looks down upon Detroit.

Detroit, on the other hand, retorts thusly



I went to Pittsburgh for a funeral once; wish I had seen the giant ketchup bottle, would have saved the whole trip.




Hey Amazon, I think I found your new headquarters location.


I spent a couple weeks there working for K&L gates. Hotel 3 blocks away. It was a very cool place. Lots of fantastic places to eat.


Maybe Warhol should have stayed…


pittsburghers know how to deal with bezos


I have actually heard some friends talk highly of Pittsburgh recently, so while I might poke pun at the city, I think @beschizza probably has a valid point.

Or else he has a new job with the city’s tourism office.


I’ve been to number six, and as a mexican I can tell you right now you can skip that one. PM me if you really want to know the cool spots.


Are you living in one of Cory’s photoshops?





No, but I do live there and like it.

Basically the deal with Pittsburgh is that the economy has recovered, with top tech colleges, hospitals and cultural institutions, but the real estate is still depressed. So it’s an ultra-progressive place you can go to have the full package of modern American city living and not have to spend any money on housing.

This particular package is increasingly attractive if you’re young, progressive, buried in debt and your future likely depends on the tech or healthcare business.

(You’ll need that cash for the winter vacations)


Chicago used to be that way, but the cost of housing has skyrocketed in recent years, not least due to real estate taxes mushrooming out of control to cover our pension issues.

It is likely that my youngest will go to college on the east coast in 2020, in which case I’m likely to look for a place somewhere near – but not too near – and also near to my friend in Maryland (the part that’s north of DC, not near the Chesapeake). Pittsburgh was on the list anyway from what I already knew about it, as the furthest possible location that might still work, but your description really sells it. Thanks!