The three coolest places in the world are Setouchi, Antarctica, and Pittsburgh


I should probably mention that I’ve driven through Pennsylvania the long way many times, so I’m not being naive.


The “hip” places in Pittsburgh like Lawrenceville and the Strip and the War Streets have equalized (Lawrenceville is maybe skyrocketing) but there’s an inexhaustible supply of ramshackle but livable neighborhoods which I think is keeping prices down.

Similar areas of other rust belt cities were allowed to fall too far and are now just block after block of blight. Pittsburgh got lucky (but also unlucky) in that the rough geography makes every little neighborhood feel like a village, isolating both blight and speculation.


Do you own a boat? I just read where Pittsburgh has the second-largest number of registered boaters in the country. Which is really weird because of the rivers freezing up in the winter. I bet it’s hip to own one as a floating hot spot for WiFi.


It’s funny you mention that because when I lived near the river it was this weird constant thing whenever walking over a bridge or puttering around near the banks. Almost like an intrusive thought. Like there’s fairies in the Allegheny river constantly whispering “hey, you need a boat. Get a boat.”


hispter boats are a thing too. Just a trend of obviously unseaworthy drown-my-ass amateur activity on the rivers. It’s probably just a lax enforcement thing. Like everyone from other cities just parks wherever the hell they want because the fines are literally lower than the parking rates in NYC or DC.




Could have been Ogua. Just say’n.


There are efforts in Lawrenceville to keep prices reasonable and a fair amount of new construction and large scale renovation that’s maybe keeping flippers honest. That is to say that it’s not as cheap as when I moved here but it could be worse.

The geography makes Pittsburgh feel simultaneously tiny and expansive. I’ll bike 5 miles to work but drive 3 to the hardware store.


Just the sculpture parks, a few bits of Leeds and Hebden Bridge.

Apparently the cultural value of Compo’s unrequited love for Nora Batty left National Geographic cold.


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