Pixar boss Steve Jobs hated one thing about The Incredibles


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What space ships? The omnidroids? The delivery rocket for the droids?

I’m somewhat confused.

He hated the wrong thing!

I hated the fact that they copied the stupid Disney thing and made sure the cartoon villain was both unredeemable and stupid and ‘had to get punished’ in the end.

I mean, compare that to Paranorman . . . THAT movie has humanity in it through and through.

That bar needs to get raised! That’s part of how we raise our kids.


After he said that, the space ships were no more, so we’ll never know!


And here I thought he was going to complain that it was merely a family-friendly version of The Watchmen

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The thing is Buddy as a characterholds more interest than your average Disney Villain.

He’s a fanboy that got snubbed pretty hard (admittedly he picked a wrong/bad time to try latching on but still) And then he built himself up had a huge working plan in place to not just outdo his childhood icon, but to obscolete him by making ‘everyone’ able to do these sort of things.

It was a really great plan he had. It took into account what you do when you’re tired of being the big Cape, which is more than most villains.

It’s the fact he was willing to Kill that sends him over the slippery slope.

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Oh yeah, Buddy was more interesting than Gaston.

But ‘Slightly Better than ‘Beauty and the Beast’ morally’ isn’t exactly a high bar, y’know?

Have you seen Paranorman? In that one forgiveness is what saves everybody. The hero goes to the extra effort. . . and so there aren’t any cartoon villains.

Because those don’t exist in the real world, and while Incredibles was a fun movie, that was the one moment that was truly worth hating, now that we’ve seen something better.

Instead of pointed out how bull-headed adults judging a book by its cover is destructive and dangerous, The Incredibles focuses on the dangers of fanaticism and the difficulties of a family in transition. ParaNorman is very dark and very preachy, while The Incredibles carries the feel of something like Johnny Quest or other nostalgic kids action cartoon.

I honestly really enjoy both movies, and both serve different viewing experiences that are both needed. The Incredibles is a really good action/comedy that is not so shallow as most of the genre, and ParaNorman is the heady drama that teaches extremely good lessons very well and holds a lot of emotion (especially the third act). It’s why I like Don Bluth’s classics over a lot of Disney movies.

Yeah, that was actually pretty much my take.

The only thing I thought Incredibles screwed up on is that moment where Syndrome just HAS to get himself killed because we’re trained to like movies where somebody gets punished for being bad in the end.

Paranorman earned bonus points for breaking that mold (and a few others for having the humans react in a realistic panic to the Zombies, and for having a character end up casually but openly gay, and how effectively the redemption was done . .okay, several points)

Paranorman left me feeling like something was missing. . . nobody was punished for all the bad that happened. When I realized what it was I was pretty unhappy with myself for a while.

Blockquote The only thing I thought Incredibles screwed up on is that moment where Syndrome just HAS to get himself killed because we’re trained to like movies where somebody gets punished for being bad in the end.

Nonsense. That was about not wearing capes, and a valuable lesson for us all.


The most Lucas-looking ships in The Incredibles are the bladed, flying discs that pursued Dash through the jungle.

But you gotta admit, Gaston has a really great song “I use antlers in all of my decorating!” Genius!

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The shot where Bob gets ejected from the Manta jet looks a lot like the escape pod launch at the beginning of “A New Hope.”

Came here to say WTF? Stayed for the Syndrome.


One of my favorite Pixar films. My little girl was Violet one year for Halloween.

Dash: But Dad always said our powers were nothing to be ashamed of, our powers made us special.

Helen: Everyone’s special, Dash.

Dash: [muttering] Which is another way of saying no one is.

I don’t know, I think he designs pretty cool spaceships.

The joke here is to assume that Steve Jobs had something interesting or clever to say about absolutely everything. I liked the design on the Incredibles & enjoyed the film. I though it has some good insights & lines, and people who worked on it have every right to be proud & defensive about their work. I’m glad someone told Steve Jobs to fu*k off. If more people had done that he wouldn’t have been such an insufferable bore.


Any cartoon with an Edith Head character who insists on ‘No Capes!’ is alright by me.

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