Pizza Hut manager threatened employees evacuating for Hurricane Irma

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I wonder what the terms of the franchise agreement have to say about this sort of thing.

Specifically, I wonder if there is a provision for revoking a franchisee’s license to continue to use the brand name.


I’m sure the thought process went something like this:

  1. Huge hurricane destroys all kitchens, and electricity to power fridges.
  2. Pizza Hut shall be the well stocked and on-a-generator hero that feeds the post-cane masses.
  3. Profit! unless. . . .
  4. Drones flee hurricane.
  5. Unable to be the pizza hero Florida needs.
  6. No profit.
    Conclusion: prevent steps 4-6 from occurring through properly phrased memo. Profit!

Joe, this one maybe went a little overboard, so…be careful. But generally speaking this shows a positive attitude toward putting profits before puny workers, and is a definite plus in our book! swing by headquarters for some PR polishing, and you might just be going places!


Such provisions pretty much always exist as a “club” to bring recalcitrant franchisees in line in franchise agreements but they’re hardly ever used. The manager in question will likely get a stern talking-to but I highly doubt they’ll be fired and the franchise owner will not see any punishment at all.


More like Pizza SHut, amiright?
“documentation will be issued” is such a terrible euphemism. I would ask if the documentation includes any books on how to make decent pizza.


Pizza Hut pizza used to be reasonably decent. But that was back when they sliced their own veggies and made their dough on-site, instead of receiving everything as frozen bags/bricks and large, frozen discs as well.

I worked at Pizza Hut as a teenager and also 2 decades later as a delivery driver, and I can unequivocally say: Pizza Hut pizza of recent vintage is nasty, and is, in fact, no better (and in fact, usually worse) than a DiGiorno or Freschetta offering. And that’s when they do it right!

And don’t even get me started on the use of “over-proofed”, expired dough, idiotic topping limits, and other shenanigans (for example, you get LESS of each topping when you order more toppings, even though you pay the same) =p.


I go through periods every year or so where I just forget Pizza Hut even exists.


There usually is, but it is generally reserved for major offenses like not buying the specified overpriced french fryer with the associated kickback to the parent company or not being willing to spend major $$$ to renovate your building to conform to the “new brand design language” that some marketing types came up with.


Maybe the Pizza Hut manager thought they were running a Waffle House?


The last time I went to a Pizza Hut I was charged more than the menu price. When I asked about it, politely, a manager came over and yelled, “That’s an old menu!” and added that they were very busy and didn’t have time to deal with little things like accuracy and that customers should be grateful to be served at all. It was quite a lengthy rant, really.

Nice to know some things never change. I’ll say this for them, though. They understand the value of location.


At least Taco Bell doesn’t mince words about evacuating the area.


There were people complaining bitterly that Amazon didn’t deliver their emergency supplies on the eve of the hurricane.


Pizza Hut, pizza in name only.


That and the manager threatened to call ICE on a worker who wanted to leave too

Anyone know what store and the manager’s name? I don’t eat at Pizza Hut and haven’t for a good forty years (pork “topping” with textured vegetable protein (i.e. soy) and such fakery turned me away a long time ago) but I am curious.

There’s a reason the Pizza Huts seem to be closing doors around the country (like here in my town last month, for instance).

Of course we’re leaving. It’s a HUT.


Man, I miss Pizza Hut of the 70s/early 80s. Dim lighting, the awesome smell of pizza with true ingredients in the air, and fighting with my brothers about whether we get thin crust or the new thick crust…if not fighting with my brothers about what song to play on the jukebox or who gets next game on Space Invaders.

Side note: Gofather’s Pizza was really good around this time, too.


Having been through a good number of hurricanes, I’m going to say, this is entirely reasonable for a shitty job in Jacksonville, far far away from the danger zone. This message is no more shitty than the job itself.