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Neato.,… Was fun for 30 seconds. Thanks!

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Ooo, noice! Def stealing this for any scifi RPG stuff I will run, good for getting new ideas!




OK, fun, but it’s odd that an entire planet, from poles to equator, would have the exact same ecosystem.

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This one

has terraform variety and gives you control over the parameters, but it’s a little bit low-res and makes much more earth-like worlds

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And the entire ecosystem is inhabited by one culture.

This culture is either a ruthless insect hive mind, or it speaks English, and exhibits exactly the same racial mix as the United States of America. Even if they sometimes have pointy ears or various other extra parts. If their skin colours don’t fall into the “human” range, then skin colours are uniform. Other racial differences, such as nose and eye shape, will still follow American demographics.
All inhabitants subscribe to the same religion. Sometimes there are dissenters who rebel against the traditions of that religion, but no one ever doubts the reality of the Gods of that religion. Sometimes, a ritual non-English language is used as part of the religion, but nowhere else. Its phonology always bears a noticeable resemblance to American English, or else it is spoken with an American accent.
The local legal system is either a “tribal” system involving elders and combat until death, or it is a direct copy of the Common Law system. Roman law is nonexistent, even on planets where everyone wears togas and sandals while attending the gladiators’ games.

Until recently, the planets’ leaders were all white males, except on the hive mind planets, where they have insect queens. Recently, the non-hivemind planets have split into two distinct subgroups.

Type A planets now have mostly female leaders who often belong to minority racial groups. If you have a choice, go to those planets, even if you happen to be a white male human. They’re nice places, as long as you speak English and are willing to submit to a barbaric legal system. If you don’t, go back to Earth, as I can’t recommend type B to anyone.
Also note that type A planets may sometimes be attacked and even destroyed by type B planets. Either be a hero or get the hell out when that happens.

Type B planets have white male leaders. This does not necessary mean they are evil. They might be the kind of type B planet that goes around attacking type A planets, or they might be entirely innocent victims of other type B planets. If you ever find yourself on a peaceful and friendly type B planet, you’re in deep trouble. You’re in military sci fi. The planet WILL be attacked, either by another type B planet, or by a hive mind. Violence will be the only solution to the problem. Military violence. You will be conscripted. You will be trained by right-wing thugs with no human decency at all. You will be shouted at, you will be insulted. If you are among the 20% of soldiers who survive basic training, you will have been Forged into a Hero, and in the end you will help slaughter all the bad guys.

Did I miss anything, or have I just covered all of contemporary popular space opera, at least on TV and in movies? TVTropes is just much too verbose because it also covers Anime and non-mainstream sources…

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