Play free emulators of all those handheld video games of yesteryear

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I loved Merlin. Just a well made toy.

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I have a weird negative association with the Mattel football game. In grade school, I played it almost non-stop during a 2 or 3 day bout of sickness. To this day, I cannot look at an image of the device without feeling a little nausea in the pit of my stomach.

Although, the same kind of relationship developed with salt and vinegar chips (you can imagine the event that precipitated this) and, though it took many years, I now can’t stop eating them if they are around.

I had totally forgotten about Merlin!

Well, there’s my productivity for the day gone down the toilet

Never had most of these (I, at least, couldn’t afford 'em). BUT, I was able to fix one I found at a yard sale for $1. Batteries had corroded the power contacts, and it required a little resoldering, but I was able to get Star Hawk working again.

It wasn’t really a great game, though.

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