Playboy lawsuit over


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Should totes re-post the link that Playboy found issue with. Because you know. Fuck them.




It is long gone so pointless now.


Counter sue for emotional damages, I know a guy who ran down my ambulance. GREAT GUY, the best. A real criminal lawyer. Name’s Saul.


Still, there ought to be consequences for entering a suit that the court finds meritless, in proportion to the size and with of the offending entity.


Good to know that even with the U.S. ablaze in a dumpster fire, justice occasionally prevails.




No no no, I asked for a Unicron.


Fine. Here.


what is that fantastic GIF, and please tell me it was not staged!


I don’t know what its from though i’ve seen it many times…but i can only presume it’s staged. Let me check…


It’s the Eh Bee family, one of their vines (back when people did vines)…


Beat me to it. Video is just as funny :slight_smile:


Ya know, the magazine was actually very, very good in at least the late '60’s to 70’s or so. Amazing in-depth interviews for one thing. My Dad was so thrilled to tell everyone his High School son subscribed to Playboy. Of course, being gay, I really was just reading it for the articles.


Glad to hear.

While I’m not surprised an obviously frivolous and misdirected lawsuit was thrown out, it’s too bad it cost needless time and resources.


I agree, but…

…that would change the incentives on not amending the suit. As things stand now “judge doubts the claim is valid, or can be amended to be valid” means a large party has no good reason to they to go forward. With a possibility that an “obviously meritless” claim will cost them money it makes sense to try to amend the claim, just in case you can make it “unobviously meritless (or maybe actually have merit)”. It might save money, and if it doesn’t save money it moves the payment out into the future, and that is worth something.

If we can avoid making a fine for obviously meritless claims not result in greater pain for those who were claimed against I’m all for it.





I would just add to this that Playboy did not sue anyone for linking to their site or intellectual property between 1960 and 1970.


The girl reminds my of a young Dave Ghrol. Cool.